Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hump-Day by Rebecca

IT"S HUMPDAY EVERYBODY!!! WOOHOO!! All of us are Queens, why not celebrate with a sexual position that is named to show us respect! Courtesy of, I give to you......, The Your Highness!!

Your Highness

We love this one! With many g spot positions, you can't easily maintain eye contact.

With this one, its easy - and we recommend you do.
Also, having your legs up high and wide apart is the secret ingredient for g spot stimulation. Putting your feet on your partner's shoulders can often be the most comfortable of g spot positions - and its super sexy!
Now, you can do this position in lots of ways. You can do it like in the picture – off your sofa, a chair, or your coffee table (we won’t tell!). Or, you can modify it to work off your bed by kneeling vs standing. The only real key to this position is that your partner is angled upward, with her legs spread wide or on your shoulders. You can achieve this combination in lots of different ways (be creative!)

Have fun!!

Here's a little something for us that don't have our King(or at least a loyal subject) yet...

Until next HUMPDAY!!

Rebecca :)

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