Friday, October 10, 2008

Miss Lisa's Weekly Celeb & Da Hell News

LAWD! LAWD! LAWD! Yall some shit went on this week whew.

First please let us all lay hands on our Momma Jayha and her family while they go thur this tough time.
Lord keep them in your hands right now keep them and hold them in your arms. Let them know you are there for now and always AMEN.

OK! Now to the bull that happen this week.

Lawd goodness jesus CHRIST. The gov't gave AGI 87 billion dollars. Let me say that again 87 BILLION DOLLARS and what happen those micky stickys took a trip to the islands.

Baucus Demands Answers About AIG Event

And now the gov't gives them another 30 some odd billion. One more time 37.8 BILLION DOLLARS. Now I go over the limit on my credit card and Captial One told me "Bitch you need to pay" we go thur Greg's whole check and his job is like "Well yall get paid on Friday, better buy some peanut butter and bread." These fools well.... I'm with Jay and Whoopie. I want my MONEY back all of it plus interset. Then I want yall to go to jail.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! now we may all want to do this.
Lehman CEO Reportedly Punched In Face At Gym
So Im giving ole boy a pass. I say we take up a colltection to pay his bail.

Now on to the debate. Was it just me or did anyone else find themselves falling asleep. That was the most boringest thing I have ever saw in my life. Poor Sen McCain (I will call him Sen McCain he fought in the Vietnam War and was a POW so folks can call him whatever they do and act a fool. I have too much respect for him just cus of that) that man I just felt so bad for him. Just wondering around. I wanted someone to come over and tell him where his chair was and sit him down.
Second 2008 Presidential Debate

I have some clips just so sad
This is the whole debate, you can scan thur and you will see what I mean.

As most of yall know I lost my mother last year to breast cancer. Since then I have be looking up ways to support Breast Cancer Research.

I want everyone of you to go to this website.
You can find out about researches in your area and town halls. Please! Please! Please! Ladies if you don't sign up then pass it on to a friend.

Now for the DA HELL???? News. Yall thank thank Sista Drea for sending me this. All I can say is open it at home.

Kim Kardashian sex tape

How did I forget?
OJ Simpson guilty of armed robbery

Simpson's lawyer says he is being isolated from other prisoners

Lawd! Lawd! Lawd! I have to admit I was shocked. I thought he would get off again. Well maybe this time around he will learn something.

Now that's all for this weeks news. Keep on praying yall cuz we are gonna need it.

Last but not least I dont know about anywhere else but gas in MN its down to $2.69 a gal. Around me its about $2.89 all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS. Please believe I did the chruch dance when I got gas this week.

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