Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Kanye West

Dear Kanye West
Dear Kanye,( see i was respectful cuz i started to call you by the same name all the other people are using...aka sorry mf'er)
Now, Mr. West or his people or what ever, that i have your limited self absorbed attention. Let me make this brief.

You are not Jesus,(pronounced GEE SUUUUSSS not HEY SUE). Your are not the re incarnation of Mohamed, Buddha, or any other Saviour of any group of people.
Please keep your ass off TV and out of the public until you learn some basic discretion and manners.

I am calling you out because Lord Knows you have no true friends that would do so.
You are neither feedin'/ fking' or financing me so I have nothing to loose other than some time that I can't get back. But hell I've lost that trying to explain to people that A) you are not my cousin brother homie or friend, B) you are not the epitome of black people... you aren't even close. C) you aren't even the stereo typical black American. You just get more air time than anyone else.(Mostly so people who know nothing about black culture other than what the media shows them on TV can say "BOY SEE LOOK AT THE *G*AS ACTING A FOOL AGAIN, THIS IS WHY THEY ARE LIKE THEY ARE, POOR, CAN'T GET JOBS AND EDUCATION"

Please, Mr West pay heed to this.
You keep walking around, tauting yourself as the greatest , best, creme de la creme and yet you constantly prove to yourself and the world that you are not. You're not even mediocre. If you wish to garner the respect of your peers, of people in the world then you have to act in a way that garners true respect. NOW I am not saying go apolo lieing, because apparently you believed what you said. I will have no respect for you on TV with snot running and fake tears flowing choking out a lie. But you should realize that I have no respect for you know.
There is a difference in having haters and being despised.
Celebrities need to look at those around them who've traveled the same path.
There comes a day when you have fame no money no entourage. And all the people that you pissed on are in control of your destiny.
That old saying about the people you pass on the way up...yup that's still true. The fall is even harder for those who believe themselves incapable of tripping.