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raelynn blue

Stop being foolish.

There it was again. The harsh mental rebuke. Cree knew she shouldn’t want any part of Stephen Silver, but she did. Thank goodness the pulsating beat of her desire wasn’t loud enough to hear. Then everyone else would know, too. That knowledge alone threatened to tear at the fibers of her self-esteem. Granted, Stephen didn’t touch normal. He claimed superb as his adjective. At six feet four inches with ocean blue eyes, regal nose, and strong jaw, he commanded attention when he walked into any room, the way thieves snatched purses.

No. She did not want any part of him.

Including this one, she thought, folding her arm across her scarlet sequined gown. She watched Stephen drift across the room, carrying an uneaten piece of cake in his hand, stopping at dinner tables, receiving air kisses, real smooches, and handshakes. Feeling like a drone in a beehive, Cree adjusted her clutch from one hand to the other and headed out the double French balcony doors. The cool, night air felt good against her hot skin, and she sighed into the fragranced embrace of the evening. Cree leaned on the balcony. Hidden under the spring night’s gloom, floral scents rose up and fragranced the air, surrounding her in perfumed delight.

Funny. The city of Greensboro decided to throw Stephen a ‘keys to the city’ celebration at his own home. Here, we’ll celebrate your accomplishments. It seemed entirely backwards to her. With a shrug, she inhaled, closing her eyes to increase the intensity of the garden’s aroma, so wonderful and light. Exhaling in regret, she slowly opened her eyes. All across the gently rolling land, darkness claimed trees, bushes, flower beds, and benches. Most people’s backyards didn’t look like Central Park. But then most people weren’t Stephen Silver.

Smirking, she thought about her boss. He had everything, even her love—albeit unrequited, though he hardly knew it. She, purely and simply, only ranked as just another of his many employees. The slices of vanilla and chocolate cake being passed out were physical puns on the name of his company—CAKE. He owned CAKE—Commercial Advertising for Kernersville Enterprises, an advertising firm in Greensboro. It had originally begun in Kernersville, a small town nestled in the Triad area, and hence the K in CAKE. Stephen moved the business to Greensboro within a short time after launching the company. CAKE also provided print, online, and television advertisement developments for area businesses and government offices.

“Now, there is a wonderful view,” came the deep resonant voice from behind her.

The triangle between her thighs warmed at the rich sound of it. He was like a keyless remote; he spoke and her legs unlocked. She caught herself melting and straightened up, tucking her rogue hair behind her ears. Tonight she’d stand her proverbial ground and not give in to whatever Stephen Silver wanted.

“Evening, Mr. Silver,” she said, hating the little pant that came after the words. Damn it—she sounded breathless, like his every other female want-to-be lover. Pulling from her gut, she summoned her courage and strength.

He pinned those eyes on her. Blue, but burning in their intensity, they threatened to incinerate all her resolve. Instead of hardening in her resolve, her heart skipped in response. That damn smirk appeared on his face as if he knew the effect he had on her.

“You know, when you refer to me as Mr. Silver, it makes me sound like an arrogant asshole, so please call me Stephen,” he said, breaking the thick silence.

“Yes, Mr. Stephen.”

He laughed, taking his hands from his pockets. “Just Stephen, please, Cree.”

“Yes, sir.” Cree wanted to dissolve right there or swallow her own tongue—whichever would get her out of a one-on-one conversation with her fantasy man. Once she thought it, she couldn’t unthink it. As her thoughts raced through her mind, she blushed at every fantastic detail of their pretend lovemaking she’d ever envisioned. The fantasies always featured him and they sprang forward in two second intervals, like some mental movie trailers of coming attractions.

He watched her intensely from beneath those thick blonde lashes. With a squeak, she issued a fast goodbye. Bolting for the doors, she nearly made it to safety, when he grabbed her arm before she cleared the entrance.

“Stay awhile. There are some things I want to talk to you about.”

His tone shifted, softened like wet wood left out in the rain.

“You want to talk to me—sir?” She allowed him to spin her gently around to face him.

She couldn’t pull the words back after they left her mouth. Inside she groaned at the weakness in them, but she had been too stunned to send them through her internal filter. They talked a lot about business things, usually with a group of other people, but one on one… alone? Goose bumps sprouted across her bare arms. She blamed the breeze.

He now held both her arms, his thumbs rubbing her bare skin, stroking her. They felt nice. If those two digits caused this much pleasure, what would two hands bring, oh, and not just his hands, but…

Stop! She halted that saucy line’s progression.

“I mean, what can I do for you, sir?” she added.


“Stephen,” she repeated with a hard voice, shoving her want as down deep as she could. Mentally, she rebuked herself for being silly. “I’m sure we can discuss business at a later date. Tonight the mayor just gave you the keys to the city for CAKE’s charitable contributions. Maybe you can…”

He shrugged off her words like they didn’t matter. “I do not want to discuss business, Cree. I want to talk about something more—personal.”

“No, um, listen, if you need me to, I can get Kevin,” she suggested. Kevin was Stephen’s personal assistant. She so didn’t like the sound of this.

They hardly had anything beyond business to discuss. Really. Until the moment he touched her arm, she thought that had been all they were ever going to do. Now he wanted to discuss something other than work. No, she definitely didn’t like the sound of this.

“No, sorry. I need your help. This cannot wait,” he said coolly. He must’ve realized he held her arms and quickly let her go.

The usual self-assured swagger left his voice and his face, and in their wake, a current of concern, perhaps even uncertainty, arose. Stephen briskly rubbed his face and turned away from her. Darkness swirled around the hills like a cloak around the ankles of a vampire—concealing and shaping simultaneously. Spellbound by Stephen’s crisp suit flanked with velvety blackness, Cree couldn’t take her eyes off of him, couldn’t leave him to whatever troubled him. If he showed her his usual arrogance, she could have left—but not this.

Not now.

He reached the balcony’s overhang and gripped the stone edges. “I, Cree, where to begin…”

She had never seen him like this—on the brink of despair. To be completely truthful, she never saw him flinch, or not smiling and schmoozing. And she’d been with him since the beginning of CAKE.

“Stephen, what’s the matter?” She walked to him. Hesitation caused her to stop several feet away.

Even though she didn’t know what he wanted, she didn’t like this, not one bit. All signs hinted to trouble, with boldface, 72-sized font and capital T. All logic ordered her to get the hell up outta Dodge, but her heart pinched in concern for him.

He glanced over his shoulder and then away.

That spiked Cree’s curiosity. What could cause the great Stephen Silver to come to her, a mere manager that worked on the first floor?

He spoke quietly, so soft she had to close the distance between them to even hear. Now, inches from him, Cree caught the thread of his conversation, though she’d missed the first whispered words.

“…my father. So, you can understand why I will need one rather quickly, yes?” he finished and turned to her.

Cree saw the relief wash over him. Those ocean blue eyes threatened to engulf her.

“Yes, I agree,” she said, though she had no clue as to what she had agreed. All she could make out was that he needed someone to agree and he needed it fast, so she gave it.

Stephen broke out into a grin so wide, it reached ear to ear. His obvious relief showed completely apparent in his body’s stance. Relaxed, the issue over, his usual candor returned washing over him in waves. Cree watched him return to himself again. She scowled inside. Surely that had to be the biggest let- down of her life.

“That’s it, sir?”

His eyebrows shot up at her flat tone. “It? This is not enough. We have to do this thing right, Cree.”

She shrugged. He could do whatever he wanted on his own time. Tonight had been a total bust. Her stomach gently growled and she decided that a trip past the buffet tables might give her a snack before the long drive back to the city.

At that moment, Stephen Silver got down on bended knee. Still smiling, he took her hand in his and fished around in his pocket with the other hand.

“What are you doing?”

Cree’s heart leapt into her throat and threatened to squeeze further until it completely obstructed her windpipe. With her body tingling in warning, she couldn’t get her mouth to speak or her legs to run.

This can’t be what it looks like. Really?

“I’m making it official,” he said matter-of-factly. He glanced up at her face then, and frowned. “You have already said yes, I know, but this will just make it better.”

Better! Cree internally wailed. She rewound their conversation in her head. What had she agreed to that warranted this? When did she say yes to a marriage?

“Cree Caruthers, will you be my wife?” he asked, pulling a crushed velvet box from his pocket. He released her hand and removed the engagement ring. It glistened in the moon’s pale light.

Even with her nerves rattling she could tell the ring cost a lot of money.

She gulped and cursed her dry throat because she really wanted to vomit. This couldn’t be happening! Yes, she dreamed of marrying Stephen Silver, and yes, she had wanted that more than anything besides a PhD in medieval literature, but not like this…

“Please…” she managed and fell back a step.

“Excellent!” Stephen slipped the ring onto her finger before she had a moment to run. Though he had to reach and slip it on quickly, he didn’t appear to be out of sorts for doing it.

Cree snatched her hand back but it was too late. Her ring finger already felt too heavy.

Damn it for fitting. Damn her quivering heart and knocking knees.

“Stephen,” she croaked, her cheeks hot, her legs like rubber bands. “I’m not sure about this. Can we—“

He popped a kiss on her forehead and squeezed her now-engaged hand.

“Relax. I’ll be a good husband.”

He winked at her.

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's been a while since i've been here

So, y'all know I can be a bit- flighty, some might even say I am flakey. I tend to be pulled into a lot of different directions all at one time. I promise, It annoys the hell out of me too. But like one of my favorite authors MJD, *shrugs* I'm queen of my shit and I like. MJD didn't say that exactly, I did. I'm copyrighting it right now to, gonna put it on a t-shirt and a button and a hoodie and some pens.
Having said that, I want to thank you all for sticking around even when I wasn't doing anything worth sticking around for.

AND ESPECIALLY during the times when ALL I was doing was being "Drea you are completely out of control" (to quote my friend LaTrice).

I started off the years with grand plans of plans to do stuff-- and you know what they say about plans ( insert your favorite saying about plans and ish, I for one am not about to recite them and thus throw them all in my own face.)

Anyway what was I saying? Oh life gets in the way, blidder blidder blah. Yup, that about sums it up. Some deaths, some births, some "where the holy fk did this bill come from", some "are you fking kidding me with this right now", and some serious "AHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAWWWWLLLLL" s have helped me limp my way well into the last quarter of 2011.

Looking at it I've learned a lot this year, been through a lot this year, and managed to accomplish a lot and not a lot, all at the same damn time.
I wasn't even sure I'd get one book out this year and some how (surely by the grace of God) I managed to get four new titles (three with partners and one on my own) on to the market.enemies, cuss at least 30 people out be sick 3/4 of the year.
ON the upside I made some good new friends, kept some great old friends, and found a bit more focus(energy, drive, passion) for what it is I do.

So yeah there it is-- 2011 in recap.
I am not gonna make any predictions for the end of the year and for 2012 ( nope not me i learned my lesson, I can see clearly now if I predict my year from here, I will do a whole lot of dicking off and thinking about get on with it and very little GETTIN' ON WITH IT)

Having said all that the newest all by myself book can be found here:
and the duo with the mini is located here:

and if you're wondering how I am feeling about it all click here
or here
and for a few of you fakers out there
Bitch You Aint In The Circle T-Shirts
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and for those of you who love me and know I love in return

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Janet Eckford: Teamwork....

Janet Eckford: Teamwork....: Hello Pet, Today's story was inspired by all the great parents I know. Those individuals that want the best for their children, inspire th...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Janet Eckford: Do as I say, not as I do....

Janet Eckford: Do as I say, not as I do....: Hello my little tricksters, I feel like we've been exploring some of the complex areas of the horror genre during this countdown and I wou...


So another great person that i follow had this article up...

and Two things struck is that this missing child is still not getting attention she deserves in order to be found and brought home.

And b) I am in the media... granted on a small scale... so i should not be counted as one of the millions of black people on fb/twitter/myspace /blogger/ online radio...who has access to spread the word but isn't...

Y'all know i am flighty i can jump from one idea to another and back in a split second, but the chord is struck that while i am guys are reading/listening. SO I have a chance to expose you to more than just me being "me-ish"

I am calling on y'all to do so now.... BE THE MEDIA! If you're reading this you've been exposed... SPREAD IT AROUND...BRING HER HOME!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Want an iPad? It’s easy to enter.

Want an iPad? It’s easy to enter.

Help a sistah out!

click the link pass it on and maybe you or me can win and ipad2

or you could just ask to see unca jim in a kilt

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Janet Eckford: We see with our eyes, not with our hands.

Janet Eckford: We see with our eyes, not with our hands.: Greetings Kiddies, We are now into Day 2 of my little countdown and I've got another treat for you tricksters. When I started thinking abo...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Janet Eckford: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For.....

Janet Eckford: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For.....: Hello My Lovelies, My most favoritiest holiday is soon approaching and as I began to do my own countdown to the day I thought why not shar...

Monday, September 19, 2011

BARON BATCH: Diary 32 (A storm is coming)

Though Laura and I aren't really Texas Tech fans, I (Drea) have been following this most awesome guy Baron Batch's blog for some time. This guy is truely amazing and more young men especially Athletes should have their heads on their shoulders as securely as he does. I am impressed each time, I check in on his spot and thus wish him the best of luck. I hope you are inspired by his words as I am! "your storms are not for you. Your storms are not your own."

BARON BATCH: Diary 32 (A storm is coming): Since my injury I have spent a lot of time with my leg propped up with ice on my knee. Before the doctors perform surgery they want to get t...

Saturday, August 13, 2011


SO I know you guys have been wondering were the hell is Laura.
I bet you thought to yourselves " Maybe Drea really did push her off a cliff this time".

Though I will admit the thought has crossed my mind on several occasions, I've done no such thing.

In fact Laura is alive and well and still stalking certain country music singers.

AND GUESS WHAT she has been dabbling in writing here and there, when she isn't busy being the hottest librarian in Texas or slaving away at her mom's restraunt!

Indeed she has an amazing story in progress. Its going to be an epic tale.

And will have an amazing cast of characters INCLUDING ME!

I know you all are dying for an exerpt but well the details are just too much to share. But I promise you all there is more than one steamy scene and a TON of belly laughs in store.

so look for the adventures of BABY GUEVARA some time around MARCH 2012!


Elle D Hayes: Elle's Back In The Game

Elle D Hayes: Elle's Back In The Game

Serenity King Expressions: Okaaaaaaaaaay! Blogging...

Serenity King Expressions: Okaaaaaaaaaay! Blogging...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Memorial Details for L.A. Banks

Leslie Esdaile (L.A. Banks) Memorial Details

by Leslie Esdaile Banks on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 12:10am

The Leslie Esdaile Memorial Service will be held:

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

11 o'clock a.m.

at the

Holy Apostles and The Mediator Episopal Church

51st and Spruce Streets

Philadelphia, PA 19139


At Leslie's request, in lieu of flowers, donations should be made to the United Negro College Fund in her memory.

Leslie's family sincerely appreciates all of the heartfelt condolences and prayers.

Tina R. Wise


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

seems like God was trying to tell me something

I had sad i wasn't going to cry anymore...That i would take the passing of a great and make it my inspiration. then a new friend on face book posted this link and i swear this child was singing just for L.A.!

Winter's Season: Heartbroken

Winter's Season: Heartbroken


When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. ~Kahlil Gibran

I know I promised to be more faithful to this blog and to my craft. And yet dear fans, again I have to turn to you, not for the purpose of which I promised, but with heavy heart and trembling hand. Please, forgive my typos today.

This morning reports have swarmed the social networks that our fellow author, sister, friend, and hero L.A. Banks has left this world and us, her legions of fans behind.

I can't attest to knowing Ms. Banks personally, though I am glad to say I was briefly affiliated with her via publishing house and giddily told anyone of the first and only words she said to me on an authors loop there ( "Girl, you're a nut and I like that. You've made me laugh. Hold on to that perspective.")

Like many of you and others around the world I've got a copy of one of her many books on my desk at work beside me right to the page I'd left off on before clocking out yesterday. I remember the first book I read (Valentine's Day Is Killing Me) and how I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. I remember being over joyed when I realized that SHE was the voice behind Soul Food. I remember how excited I was to find my lost copy of Bad Blood, which I keep staring out now, wondering will I have the heart to finish it now.

Ms Banks fell ill in early June of this year quite suddenly and since scores of authors and fans have gathered in order to raise funds to help her family. The shock of our hero falling to adrenal cancer, specifically after having spoken so eloquently to the President and Congress about the issues authors are facing with health care, and financial stability and protection of rights in these hard economic times, has been resounding.
It has spurred a community of writers and readers alike to be more vigilant and active in raising awareness not just for Ms Banks but for the world at large.

May we continue to champion her cause as she did. May we pick up the pen in solidarity, blog, vlog and speak life into creation. May spin tales that evoke her tenacity and vibrancy and spread it around the world and back again.May her spirit live on in each of us, writer and reader alike. May we dance for Leslie Esdaile Banks: her voice lending to us a tune so beautiful, so unique that no one can resist the pull.

May her family and closets friends find our words of encouragement and in them feel the arms of their mother, sister and comrade wrap around them. Hear the soft whisper of her voice("You know some times you just have to sit still and listen to the trees."
L.A. Banks (Bite the Bullet)) and be comforted.

May we all find comfort in her words.
"ain't nobody up there still mad about anything. all is forgiven. They love you, came to help, know what mistakes they've made and what you did, too... but it's cool, now that they crossed over." He stood and walked over to the window to get some sunshine and to mentally breathe."I didn't understand it, never did until I saw it. They're in a better place; only want you to be safe and happy. That's it. that's all they want."
L.A. Banks (The Forbidden)

Rest In Peace. L.A.

It is the will of God and Nature that these mortal bodies be laid aside, when the soul is to enter into real life; 'tis rather an embrio state, a preparation for living; a man is not completely born until he be dead: Why then should we grieve that a new child is born among the immortals? ~Benjamin Franklin, 22 February 1756


Monday, March 21, 2011


AND I AM TIRED AS...OH HELLO THERE. Didn't really see you through the jet lag coating my vision! ( I was just sitting in the back Yard at The Lone Star Grill with the owner and my good friend Todd while he enjoyed a turkey leg and a bud light pilfered from my rations at the ST Pat's fest in Shamrock Texas)

So before I tell you all about my adventure in spring breakin', let me take a moment to thank everyone who came out and supported myself and Raelynn Blue.

Its really hard to have a release when you're away. But lots of you have either bought Forever Irish or passed the word around about it. Thank you all so much for having our backs!
As always this trip was a blast. This actually was the first time I've been to in laws with out my hubs along side. DUN DUN DUN scary doom music right! NOT! i had a ball just like always.
I ate more than I should've and laughed so much my stomach and face are still tingling.
I created a masterpiece as well. The B/Wagon Express(the name of the concession stand) will now be featuring FRIED CHEESE CAKE PUPPIES ( part of the line up of litters coming this year to included a litter of corn dog puppies, jalapeno corn dog puppies, breakfast puppies and cheese puppies) now for those of you who are scratching your head, A Litter is what the call a basket of the small corn dog bites.* CUTE HUH*
I didn't get to take my camera because Laura still has my cord.(REALLY L, ITS BEEN A COUPLE OF YEARS NOW, CAN YOU MAIL IT TO ME). BUT I TOOK THE PICTURE OF TODD so that you guys could reference how GIGAMORE the turkey legs are. I have pictures of Laura and I with them as well, but um, Well i am not allowed to post anymore pictures from that trip. (maybe i should just bust out the ones from Vegas).
Any way despite a fellow vendor trying to still our spot we had a really great showing.
AND My father in law did some bragging on me.
He introduced me to a friend as "my daughter who is a best selling author." *BLUSH*
never mind that the next sentence out of his mouth was. "yeah, she makes me happy, but I'll be glad when she gives me some grand babies to play with" (GROAN HEAD TO DESK)
Followed by"stop rolling your eyes, you can write all that sex surely you can have some extra and make me about 10 grand kids, that's only five sets of twins!" *someone shoot me NOW*
I ran into an old college class mate and I was NICE. I must be getting old.
Before I go, let me ask you all to lift my husbands grandparents in prayer. If you follow this blog or the yahoo groups you all know that my husband lost his father's parents (grandmother in march of last year and grandpa this January). His Mother's parents are very frail right now. Mee Maw has battled skin and throat cancer. She beat Lung cancer in January and was immediately diagnosed with bone cancer. The war is taking its toll on both her and PawPaw. Please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
My spring is a lil' sprung so I'll leave you all for now.
Till next Time!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


so its over commercialized and rooted in some really gory story about an guy who wasn't really a st and wasn't even Irish! WHO CARES ITS FUN. I'm GREEN with IRISH JOY and ON MY WAY TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE EVENTS!





buy it here


Monday, March 14, 2011




AND WHATS BETTER? NO CHAPERONS! well kinda no chaperons, i mean my in laws will be there making me slave over the hot grill, but they love me and they give me money to explore and try all the new fair foods. They call it "scouting the competition", I call it "my most favoritest job/time of the year"

I find myself humming the song from Charlotte's Web (the original) A FAIR IS A VERITABLE SMORGASBORD!


and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING! from cheesecake and snickers, to pickles, bacon, dr.pepper and even BUTTER! WHY I'll BET SOMEONE COULD DEEP FRY AIR IF THEY THOUGHT ABOUT IT!



Think I am kidding about the eats, check out the link to the yahoo group below to see the first time Drea and Laura MET! yeah dude, on our first date i took her to a freaking st pats celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I EVEN LET HER RIDE THE CREEPY RUSTY FAIR RIDES!


Sunday, March 13, 2011


HEY Y'ALL! Its Sunday and I (Drea) have had a helluva week! AND THIS SPRING FORWARD ISH IS KILLING ME. I WANT MY HOUR BACK!

First I had a bit of a disagreement with someone of no consequence. I am proud of myself for not being mean when I could have been. The whole thing coulda been taken to a whole new level. One that folks who know me personally expect me to go to. I have a tendency to break people down to their base/core with no remorse. I have no tolerance for put upon airs. I tend to go playground on people(and everyone knows those lil ankle biting rug rats are the most honest and cruelest beasts ever created). BUT I DIDN'T! I didn't go there, though I wanted to. And I will probably never do that again. IT HURT to hold it in. You know you really just should be able to let out an "oh yeah, f*ck you and ya issues" when you need to.

Which is why I was sick this week.(If you ask my doctor, I had an allergic reaction to the combination of antibiotics and allergy meds I was prescribed)
Me, I think A) doctors are tryna kill me, B) I caused the horrific natural disaster in Japan by going against my nature.

Speaking of Japan. Everyone Take a moment to send some good positive thoughts, energy and prayers that way. I've heard so much negative mouthing this week! Screw that, those people need us. If you haven't' done so, donate a lil sumpin sumpin, even if its just the amount of a pack of smokes or an extra venti caramel macchiato with Irish cream! And while you're at it, see if you can't find a way to still donate to our brothers and sisters in Haiti and New Orleans and The Mid-West! We tend to forget about those tragedies that have gone before, but I promise you, we all know someone who was affected. Either directly or indirectly. Reach out as if you are looking at yourself. You'd want someone to reach out for you.

ALSO, PETA...STOP REACHING OUT TO ME! I WILL HAVE ANOTHER BBQ IN YOUR NAME IF YOU DON'T STOP. AND I WILL BUY A VICK JERSEY TO WEAR TO IT! I am an animal lover, my pets are in my will and on my life insurance policy(what, we ain't got kids yet! *shrugs*). But my first concern is the value of a human life!

I got more pictures of my little love PJ. HE IS GROWING TOO FAST! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN! LOL. Y'all, he is so adorable and all boy. Hates bath time and likes to sleep!

I also got a new JOB! *yeah I know, now I have 12 lmao!*
Your looking at the new Office Director for a kick butt company that I can not disclose*yet*!
*I can however say that I am getting a new custom set of handcuffs*

So the question now is what to do soothe myself into a relaxed state of "oh yeah, this is the life"
Read a couple of things of course. I don't know about y'all but I am just in a mixed mood. So I am gonna go for a grab bag of stories. CHECK THE PHOTOS ABOVE. EACH ONE LINKS TO A BLURB BY LINK! YOU KNOW ITS GOOD IF I AM READING IT!

This is going to be a spectacular week. If you haven't signed up to catch the discussions over at the yahoo spot , you should definitely check it out.

Tomorrow is Sex Talk Monday with the ONE THE ONLY , THE QUEEN FREAK , LAURA GUEVARA! We've already covered toys and showers! You don't want to miss what's next!

I'm off to eat something severely southern (grits with a hint of sugar some fat back bacon and some biscuits! GRIN!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This morning at 7:35 am my best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. JD as his parents will call him, is the first child of two only children. He will be loved to freaking death. I however as auntie du jour will love him to life. As my hubs and I do not yet have children, much to the displeasure of the new parents(my bestie wants to be a mother AND and auntie) and our own families, the hubs and I are free to spend our time and our dough on the first PeeWee Jr or PJ as I like to call him.

Unlike other friends, we still haven't bought our first baby gift. LOL we can't decide on a gift to give. What do you give this small bundle of joy and perfection. The world is already at his feet. The sun, moon and stars all shine just for him.

I say we give him lots and lots of monogrammed UT(University of Texas) gear. My hubs being the loan man out of the four of us says we should at least get him one Red Raider gift. He even tried to play the emotions of myself and my bestie on our actual first loves WTAMU (we don't say much about the maroon in our blood, but we both know what it means to stand in the band and hold up a brown and white box of cereal and chant COCO COCO PUFFS).

My mom reminded me that technically I am already an aunt. Being reunited with my biological father also brought me two new brothers, a sister and two nephews. I am now officially one of five children, more if you count step brothers and sisters. I don't discount or discredit them. I love them too.

But I love PJ in a way that I think is super special. His mother and I have a history that you just couldn't dream up in your wildest fantasies. Not family by blood, but by love and choice.

As I've awaited this day I often dreamed of the old movie MAIME. The title character is forced to raise her nephew after his father passes and to say the least the adventures where beyond anything a boy could have ever imagined. Though different people had come and gone in her life the love she felt for him was unique and special and grand and pure. I've kinda imagined myself spiriting PJ away on a great summer adventures ( I am sure with our history his mother will insist it is only a quick drive to the ice cream shop or toy store) where I can regale him with stories of his mother and the great things we did, the trouble we did(n't) get into and the fun we had.

I imagine holding him in my lap as I awaite the bundle of joy that will soon be mine(God willing) and having him recite said stories to his new cousin. I can see him furiously pounding out a melody on the xylophone or belting out a song that moves him as he drives his new power wheels through my rose garden.

I can see my sister, my friend, and our third amiga (my cousin Tawania) and I sitting in the stands cheering madly and threatening death to any of the other pee wee league players that get near our star as he wobbles down the field in pads and a helmet that are more comedic than anything else.

I can see us watching as the husbands (CWB and Jay) attempt to teach them the finer aspects of martial arts and stealth ninja tactics. Hand to hand combat and hunting skills. I can feel myself cringe at the number of broken windows, vases and God forbid, bones.

and in the back ground I hear a strange sound track of Lennon, Rascal Flats, Bare Naked Ladies and AC DC Songs, narrating the way.

And In my life, I've loved them all.

(watch this space, you may see "my little love" here soon)

Sunday, February 27, 2011



Didn't we tell you that 2011 was going to be the year of new beginnings and renewals.

We are so super excited to announce that beginning TOMORROW we will be relaunching the daily magazines on the Drea and Laura yahoo group!

There is a brand new banging line up.

Monday Sex Talk with the fantabulous freakette Laura Guevara

Tastey Tuesdays with that culinary guru Alcira

Wagati Wednesdays with the GREAT NEVEA LANE

Thankful Thursdays by the one and only MISS LISA ENGLISH

and whats this Double DUTY!

COCKTAIL HAPPY HOUR FRIDAYS by the one who loves them most LISA ENGLISH!

This is so exciting. The chatter, the buzz, the down right energy of it all...let me stop and reflect on this man reflecting on the ocean(above). This might be the last chance at some peace! BUT WHO NEEDS PEACE when you can hang out at the hang out to end all hang outs.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coming SOON from Whispers

Tabitha turned and grinned over the long plank bar at the patrons of O’Shea’s Irish pub. Here was a pub with the true substance of the Emerald Isle. They had fae mixing it up with brownies and sprites. Leprechauns and djinn shot pool, and druid maidens swayed to Bocephus. Okay, so the Bocephas weren’t really an Irish thing, but Tabitha was from Texas, and since she couldn’t get them to listen to any rap or hip hop and she was frankly frightened of their knowledge of Motown and their love of artist like Bobby Blue Bland and Clarence Carter and Denise la Salle, she passed her time watching them bond with the humans over the countries newest acts and biggest hits.

Her boss was definitely Irish. The coppery red hair that was currently cut close and spiky on top of his head. The piercing green eyes that where often deeper than the whole Atlantic Ocean. Those were her favorite parts. Well, those and his massive shoulders and chest. Maybe those washboard abs or God—hey, she may be in a bar full of creatures and mythical critters, it only reinforced her belief in one true God—Seamus’s ass. No doubt about it. Irish looked hunky, handsome and damn fine on Seamus.

“You’re staring at me like you’ve missed your morning meal again, Tab,” Seamus said from over his shoulder.

Sure, she wanted to get in his bed and find out if the bulge running up the left side of his pants was real or just a hunk of German sausage.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things to come.

Well well well, I finally checked our email after a year and let me just say that if I were and 50-80 year old man, the ads alone for free Viagra or Chinese penis growth powder and medical "pumps" would be enough to drive me right on into the great beyond.

Other than that there were various requests to revive the daily articles. Manday Monday. Tastey Tuesday , Humpday, and others.

I can't promise, but I think they maybe coming along with some guest blogs, contests and other things.

So having said all that, let just go with "we're under construction, watch this space for great new things!"

-- Drea!

Monday, February 7, 2011


And we shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to.

ok so yeah i may or may not have been watching aliyah and jet li just now, but suffice it to say that I just remembered that Laura and I have our very own blog that has been SORELY UNATTENDED.

2010 did a number on us as people and as authors. So many changes happened. The loss of loved ones, promotions, de-motions, scaling back, then branching out.

This is the life of a small Indy writer. But its the life of everyone. LIFE happens. Some days the muse is rampant. Most days she/he/it takes a bake seat while we search for reading glasses to go over bills or leases or recipes or book orders.

That's not to say we haven't been productive, just not as productive as we'd like to have been with the writing.

Excuses? Yup got a bag full of them. Not going to trot them all out. Not going to apologize, either. Well, we might a little bit, but mostly just to ourselves. Why ourselves? Well mostly, because we have you guys; Some of the most amazing fans ever, in our corner supporting us. You've told us over and over to take our time and do our thing. You've been here every time we've accomplished something new, needed prayer and positive energy, or forgotten ourselves.

So we are apologizing to ourselves for not allowing ourselves to step back and enjoy that as much as we should have. For not realizing what blessings we had in YOU. For pressuring ourselves to the point that we literally stiffled the love and joy right out of something that was fun and exciting. For not getting those extra pedicures and drinking a few more mojitos. For saving the good bath salts and skipping that extra chocolate covered stawberry. We're sorry for not being good to us, but we're over that phase. 2011 is about Drea and Laura and Laura and Drea. About Laura. About Drea.
2011 is and fresh and exciting.

And thank you guys again for sticking by us. We have no clue what 2011 is going to bring. We can't promise stories will come any faster than they did last year. We can't promise that stories will come at all. Lots of really strong authors threw in the towel in 2010 for a number of reasons.

Laura and I know that we both love writing and telling stories, but we also know that sometimes we have to step back from that. Away from the world that is "Indy Press" and do some living.

Laura has turned into a stalker! Could be that super svelte body she is building in the gym, but honey child is on the road like no other. Concerts and tours and trips and cruises. OH and did i tell you that she LOVES the hell is that I've been denied my right as a native born Texan to participate in something i love doing, grew up doing (shooting) by the big sisters and aunts but Laura gets to take it up as a new hobby. WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE LEARN ITS THE CUTE SHORT ONES THAT ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS!!!

As for me, well, Y'all know life is always an adventure!

There's the baking (seldom a day goes by that I am not covered in flour). Oh and the hunting and fishing. The dancing. The Grill, The family concession wagon. Oh and the "logistics meetings" Starting a new work out routine this month too. been out with a hip issue( from the logistics meetings I'm sure). Electronics issues and WTH is up with darn wild animals phenomena around my neighborhood.

So yeah that its in a nut shell. We can't promise anything other than, "we'll keep you updated".

We hope you guys stick around, there is bound to be some adventure coming your way soon.