Thursday, January 29, 2009

HBR Thursday - Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better Series

Celebrate the Beauty of Youth

Want to feel better, look better, and have more energy? Moving more and eating better is the best place to start

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Why Move More and Eat Better?

Being physically active and making smart food choices is good for your health. But that is not the only reason to move more and eat better. It can also help you:

Have more energy.
Look good in hip, trendy clothes.
Tone your body (without losing your curves).
Reduce stress, boredom, or the blues.
Feel good about yourself.

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Tips on Moving More

Physical activity can be fun! Do things you enjoy, like:

fast walking
playing sports
group fitness classes, such as dance or aerobics

If you can, be physically active with a friend or a group. That way, you can cheer each other on, have a good time while being active, and feel safer when you are outdoors. Find a local school track or park where you can walk or run with your friends, or join a recreation center so you can work out or take a fun fitness class together.

Think you do not have time for physical activity? The good news is that you can be active for short periods of time throughout the day and still benefit. When fitting in physical activity, remember that any activity is better than none. So try to move more by making these small changes to your daily routine:

Get off the bus or subway one stop early and walk the rest of the way (be sure the area is safe).
Park your car farther away and walk to your destination.
Walk to each end of the mall when you go shopping.
Take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator (make sure the stairs have working lights).
Put physical activity on your to-do list for the day. For example, plan on exercising right after work, before you can get distracted by dinner or going out.

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Look Good as You Get Fit

If you avoid physical activity because you do not want to ruin your hairstyle, try:

a natural hairstyle
a style that can be wrapped or pulled back
a short haircut
braids, twists, or locs

TIP: Day-to-day activities can cause salt build-up in your hair. To remove salt, shampoo with a mild, pH-balanced product at least once a week.

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Tips on Eating Better

Eating right can be hard when you do not feel like cooking or there is a fast food place on every corner. Here are some simple things you can do to eat better:

Start every day with breakfast. Try a low-fat, whole-grain breakfast bar; fat-free or low-fat yogurt; or whole-grain toast or bagel spread with a little peanut butter, jam, or low-fat cream cheese.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, and choose whole grains like 100 percent whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, or brown rice instead of refined grains like white bread and white rice.

Choose low-fat or fat-free milk instead of whole milk or a milkshake.

Order a plain hamburger (without sauce or mayonnaise) or a grilled (not fried) chicken sandwich. Skip the fries and try a salad with fat-free or low-fat dressing instead.

Go easy on mayonnaise, creamy sauces, and added butter.

Do not keep a lot of sweets like cookies, candy, or soda in the house. Too many sweets can crowd out healthier foods.

Rather than eliminate your favorite home-cooked foods, prepare them in slightly different ways: bake chicken instead of frying it; cook with extra herbs rather than extra butter; and reduce the amount of salt you use.

TIP: Many food labels say "low-fat," "reduced fat," or "light." That does not always mean the food is low in calories. Sometimes fat-free or low-fat muffins or desserts have even more sugar than the full-fat versions. Remember, fat-free does not mean calorie-free, and calories do count!

Many people think that bigger is better. We are so used to value-size servings that it is easy to eat more than our bodies need. Eating smaller portions will help you cut down on calories and fat (and might save you money too).

Even take-out and high-fat foods can be part of a balanced diet, as long as you do not eat them every day and do not eat too much of them. Here are sensible serving sizes for some favorite foods:

french fries: one small serving (equal to a child's order)
shrimp fried rice (as a main dish): 1 cup
cheese pizza: two small slices or 1 large slice

TIP: Do you eat in front of the TV out of habit? Do you eat when you are bored, nervous, or sad? Be aware of when, where, and why you eat, and try to eat balanced meals throughout the day. Instead of reaching for that cookie, do something else, like calling a friend or taking a walk.

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Out 'n' About
You can hang out with your friends and still make healthy food choices. Try these tips when you are out 'n' about:

Encourage your friends to make healthy choices with you. If you are all on the same page, it might be easier for you—and your friends—to avoid temptation.
Order vegetable toppings on pizza instead of salty, high-fat meats like pepperoni or sausage.
Share popcorn (and skip the added butter) at the movies instead of getting your own bag, or order the smallest size. You will save money too!
Choose bottled water instead of soda and other artificially sweetened beverages like punch or natural fruit juices.
Munch on pretzels or vegetables at parties instead of fried chips or fatty dips.
If you drink wine, beer, or other alcohol, limit yourself to one drink. Alcohol has lots of calories but little nutritional value.

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You can do it!
Set doable goals. Move at your own pace. Let your family and friends help you. Allow for setbacks, and be sure to celebrate your successes. Keep trying—you can do it!

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To Learn More

Check out MyPyramid, an interactive website from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, for more information about physical activity and healthy eating.

Source: NIH Publication No. 08–4903
September 2008

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HumpDay---The Spider Web by Becca

Hello friends!! Welcome to another HUMPDAY!!! I hope everyone has been having an AWESOME week!! Today I bring to you a sensually satisfying position from the wonderful peeps at
. It's called The Spider Web. Just as the name entails the position is a little intricate, but I'm sure well worth the spin! So my friends, I hope you enjoy being ensnared in you and your partners own Spider Web. And here's how you do it:

The Spider Web
Both you and your guy lie on your sides, facing each other. Lean in close together and scissor your legs through his so you're superclose and he's deep inside you as he enters you. While thrusting, hold on to each other for leverage and ultimate friction.

Rather than typical in-an
d-out thrusting, this sexual web your bodies create lets you and your guy please each other with grinding, circular motions. Try gyrating your hips in circles around his member for an incredible erotic explosion. It's a tight-together fit that generates lots of tension, yet lets you kiss, nibble, and stroke each other while doing the deed. You can reach behind and rake your nails lightly along his back, causing spine-tingling sexy shivers — a major erotic move he may not expect, but one that will make him moan even more.
COSMO HINTLet your fingers venture even further south and surprise him by reaching back and stroking his perineum, the area below his anus that's rich in nerve endings. But make sure you're just about to reach your peak, because this move is sure to speed up his arrival of the Big O.

So what do you think? Thought you would like it!!

Until next time... Happy HUMPDAY!

Rebecca :)

Did ya think I would leave without just a little something!! Not this time! I wouldn't be that cruel!

Just a little something to help tide you over until Man-Day Monday!
You too guys!! Have a great one!

63. Selita Ebanks

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tastey Tuesday by Alcira

Hi Everybody...., Welcome to week 1 of the Obama Presidency!!!! I have not caught up to my regular life yet after attending the inauguration...., and now Tennis is on....., OH MY MY!!!

Well enough of my musings..., What can we make for this week's Tastey Tuesday? I am still thawing out from my week in DC...,
I would love to warm up with this
and rub up against and definitely lay all up under, around and over THIS ....,
BTW...., I know some of you would rather heat things up with Ms. Good
, and Ms. Ford or even get schooled by The One and Only Foxy Brown ..., but alas before we can rub noses or massage body parts we need to take care of our internal engine...., How about an old fashioned CHICKEN SOUP....,

Now, Now..., Don't give me that look , we need some ole school to fortify us for the winter months....LOL, but I think I could put a little zing in here for you.
How about...

  1. In a large soup pot, add all ingredients.
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Reduce heat and simmer until all vegetables and rice are tender.4
  4. Remove bay leaf and serve.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Man-Day by Stephie

Dudes and Dudettes!

Sorry it has taken so long to respond with the
men and women pics for today haven't been feeling well so I slept in a bit today. But here ya go...hope you enjoy them.
He could definitely put my fire out Woo Whoa!sexy centerfolds

Here Ya go fellows!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tastey Tuesday by Alcira

Ladies and Gentlemen...., Today is the Inauguration of the 44Th President of the United States of America....., I AM NOT COOKING!!!!


Go on and get a take out menu of your favorite place and have at it! It's a celebration!!!

I will leave you with some inspirational shots....

Flex it,

Savor it,

Ponder it,


Monday, January 19, 2009

Man-Day by Stephie

For some this has been a long weekend and I hope that it has found all in high spirits and it's been a pleasant one. I am not going to do that much chattering today. I know that's a first right? Please have a wonderful week and don't forget about the historical event that takes place tomorrow with the Presidential Inauguration.

What did they say about the berry? It's all about the juice.

Here you go fellas!

Have a week!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello to One and All:

I hope that yall's week has been an enjoyable one. The Bad Azz Authors around this parts have been kicking azz fo'sho. If you all missed the launch this week you still have a chance to stop by and give your support and congradulate them on a job well done they can be found @ they had lots of contest and gave alot of prizes away and don't just pop in for the launch continue to visit chat it up and show your to these talented authors they have lots in store for you in the present and future. So again don't walk but run over and show them your support.

now for why I am here. Our Thumper could not be with us today but she thought of us and left use a tidbit for today. So without me babbling on I'm posting on Thumper's behalf.


Relax your stress away

Stress is the wear and tear your body experiences as it reacts to changes in your environment.

With the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, a job promotion, a change of residence, or even

the thrill of a new relationship, you can go through many psychological and physiological changes

that result in stress.

Too much stress can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression, which in turn

can lead to health problems such as headaches, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure,

heart disease and stroke.

As emphasized in many ancient cultures, centering yourself holistically through relaxation is a key

element in managing stress and building a greater quality of life.

The next time you're feeling stressed out, try a few of the following suggestions to help get

yourself back into the groove of things.

Relax your body

1. Deep breathing Repeat ten times any time you feel tense. While sitting, standing or

lying down, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Exhale slowly over a count of 5–10 seconds.

2. Stretching Simple stretches, such as the "neck stretch", can help relieve physical

tension. Starting on one side, gently roll your head in a half circle, and then drop your chin to

your chest. Repeat in reverse.

3. ExercisePhysical activity helps reduce both physical and emotional stress.

Walk, run, jump, bike, bowl, do yoga, etc., whenever you can.

4. Take a bath Take conscious steps every day to deal with the stress in your life.

Allow yourself at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time in the tub to melt that stress away.

5. Get a massage – A massage is a wonderful way to get rid of physical tension.

A professional massage generally takes 30 minutes to an hour and can target specific areas

of tension, such as the lower back or the neck.

6. Eat well A well-balanced diet will help reduce overall stress. Reduce your alcohol

and caffeine intake. Caffeine is found in foods and drinks such as coffee, black tea, soft

drinks and chocolate.

22.03.07 - Bubble Bath by Webwin.

Relax your mind

7. Talk – Take the time to talk with a friend and express feelings you might have been holding in.

Listen carefully to your partner. Walking in a quiet neighborhood or a park can limit distractions.

8. Laugh – Go to a comedy club, watch a funny movie or spend time with a friend who

makes you laugh.

9. Cry – Studies show that stress-related hormones are released in tears. If you haven't cried in a

long time, try listening to sad music, watching a sad movie or writing about a sad experience.

10. Read – A good book can be a great escape. Reading both tearjerkers and comedies can

help release pent-up emotions.

11. Meditate – Take a moment to commune with a higher power, with nature or even with yourself.

12. Do something you love – When you enjoy yourself, whether it's gardening, going to

church or seeing friends, you relieve physical stress and relax your emotions.

For more information about Generations of WellnessSM program,