Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HUMP~DAY - The Racy Recline by Rebecca

Hi Everybody!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to the 1st HUMPDAY of 2009! I thought we should get the year started out with a bang, so when I saw this I knew it was right! So my friends I give to you THE RACY RECLINE as shown on!! ENJOY!!
The Racy Recline
Erotic instructions: Your guy should be sitting up, with his weight on his palms and his legs stretched out and slightly spread. Facing him, sit between his legs and place his penis inside you. Lean back on your hands for balance, then lift your legs and rest your ankles on his shoulders. Putting a small pillow under your hips will help position you at just the right angle.
Pleasure payoff for you: Unlike most female superior poses, you won't be takinghim for a ride: Your guy will do most of the thrusting. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on how amazing his penis feels stroking your G-spot.
Pleasure payoff for him: As he pumps and enjoys the action shot, he'll be able to see your face and take in all the bliss he's bringing you. And with your legs straddling his upper bod, he'll be completely surrounded by you...and love every minute of it.
And who better to recline with than or maybe
I believe cowboys are definitely a good look for 2009!!
And so is along with
I didn't forget the menfolk!!

YEAH 2009!!
Rebecca :)

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