Monday, January 5, 2009

Man-Day by Stephie


For one thang IT'S A NEW YEAR BABEEEEE! Here it is I am speaking it into existence it's going to be a Fly Year! With lots and lots of new books on the market. Family and friends doing great. You doing great. The econ is going to pick backup and we all are going to be HAPPY! HAPPY! JOY! JOY!Sunshine Damnit! Right? Right! And to do my part in all the festivities I'm going to try and put a little race in your heart and a little tingle...well u get my jist.

enough of my yacking already you're probably saying. Without further a due and so I don't get a lynch mob after me here is some HOTNESS.

And lawd let's not leave the fellows out cause I would never and I do mean never hear the end of it.


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