Monday, March 21, 2011


AND I AM TIRED AS...OH HELLO THERE. Didn't really see you through the jet lag coating my vision! ( I was just sitting in the back Yard at The Lone Star Grill with the owner and my good friend Todd while he enjoyed a turkey leg and a bud light pilfered from my rations at the ST Pat's fest in Shamrock Texas)

So before I tell you all about my adventure in spring breakin', let me take a moment to thank everyone who came out and supported myself and Raelynn Blue.

Its really hard to have a release when you're away. But lots of you have either bought Forever Irish or passed the word around about it. Thank you all so much for having our backs!
As always this trip was a blast. This actually was the first time I've been to in laws with out my hubs along side. DUN DUN DUN scary doom music right! NOT! i had a ball just like always.
I ate more than I should've and laughed so much my stomach and face are still tingling.
I created a masterpiece as well. The B/Wagon Express(the name of the concession stand) will now be featuring FRIED CHEESE CAKE PUPPIES ( part of the line up of litters coming this year to included a litter of corn dog puppies, jalapeno corn dog puppies, breakfast puppies and cheese puppies) now for those of you who are scratching your head, A Litter is what the call a basket of the small corn dog bites.* CUTE HUH*
I didn't get to take my camera because Laura still has my cord.(REALLY L, ITS BEEN A COUPLE OF YEARS NOW, CAN YOU MAIL IT TO ME). BUT I TOOK THE PICTURE OF TODD so that you guys could reference how GIGAMORE the turkey legs are. I have pictures of Laura and I with them as well, but um, Well i am not allowed to post anymore pictures from that trip. (maybe i should just bust out the ones from Vegas).
Any way despite a fellow vendor trying to still our spot we had a really great showing.
AND My father in law did some bragging on me.
He introduced me to a friend as "my daughter who is a best selling author." *BLUSH*
never mind that the next sentence out of his mouth was. "yeah, she makes me happy, but I'll be glad when she gives me some grand babies to play with" (GROAN HEAD TO DESK)
Followed by"stop rolling your eyes, you can write all that sex surely you can have some extra and make me about 10 grand kids, that's only five sets of twins!" *someone shoot me NOW*
I ran into an old college class mate and I was NICE. I must be getting old.
Before I go, let me ask you all to lift my husbands grandparents in prayer. If you follow this blog or the yahoo groups you all know that my husband lost his father's parents (grandmother in march of last year and grandpa this January). His Mother's parents are very frail right now. Mee Maw has battled skin and throat cancer. She beat Lung cancer in January and was immediately diagnosed with bone cancer. The war is taking its toll on both her and PawPaw. Please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
My spring is a lil' sprung so I'll leave you all for now.
Till next Time!


JM Powers, Author said...

I laughed out loud at your inlaw talking about sex stories and babies you need to create. lol Thanks for sharing.
JM Powers

Janet Eckford said...

OMG fried cheesecake!!! I really need to make a trip to Texas.

Dréa riley said...

JM u just don't now there is a war going on in the family me and teh hubs against parents brothers grand parents friends and co workers. everyone has baby fever for us...there is not a day much less a week or month that someone doesn't say something about our "childlessness"
JANET *grin* when ever you're ready lady!

Aunt said...

Hey Niecy glad you're back, missed you much!!!
Shol' would like to have some fried cheesecake puppies, sounds quite tasty :)
LOL at your FIL's intro.
Will def be praying for Nephew's grandparents.
Love ya,
Aunt Toni