Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. ~Kahlil Gibran

I know I promised to be more faithful to this blog and to my craft. And yet dear fans, again I have to turn to you, not for the purpose of which I promised, but with heavy heart and trembling hand. Please, forgive my typos today.

This morning reports have swarmed the social networks that our fellow author, sister, friend, and hero L.A. Banks has left this world and us, her legions of fans behind.

I can't attest to knowing Ms. Banks personally, though I am glad to say I was briefly affiliated with her via publishing house and giddily told anyone of the first and only words she said to me on an authors loop there ( "Girl, you're a nut and I like that. You've made me laugh. Hold on to that perspective.")

Like many of you and others around the world I've got a copy of one of her many books on my desk at work beside me right now...open to the page I'd left off on before clocking out yesterday. I remember the first book I read (Valentine's Day Is Killing Me) and how I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. I remember being over joyed when I realized that SHE was the voice behind Soul Food. I remember how excited I was to find my lost copy of Bad Blood, which I keep staring out now, wondering will I have the heart to finish it now.

Ms Banks fell ill in early June of this year quite suddenly and since scores of authors and fans have gathered in order to raise funds to help her family. The shock of our hero falling to adrenal cancer, specifically after having spoken so eloquently to the President and Congress about the issues authors are facing with health care, and financial stability and protection of rights in these hard economic times, has been resounding.
It has spurred a community of writers and readers alike to be more vigilant and active in raising awareness not just for Ms Banks but for the world at large.

May we continue to champion her cause as she did. May we pick up the pen in solidarity, blog, vlog and speak life into creation. May spin tales that evoke her tenacity and vibrancy and spread it around the world and back again.May her spirit live on in each of us, writer and reader alike. May we dance for Leslie Esdaile Banks: her voice lending to us a tune so beautiful, so unique that no one can resist the pull.

May her family and closets friends find our words of encouragement and in them feel the arms of their mother, sister and comrade wrap around them. Hear the soft whisper of her voice("You know some times you just have to sit still and listen to the trees."
L.A. Banks (Bite the Bullet)) and be comforted.

May we all find comfort in her words.
"ain't nobody up there still mad about anything. all is forgiven. They love you, came to help, know what mistakes they've made and what you did, too... but it's cool, now that they crossed over." He stood and walked over to the window to get some sunshine and to mentally breathe."I didn't understand it, never did until I saw it. They're in a better place; only want you to be safe and happy. That's it. that's all they want."
L.A. Banks (The Forbidden)

Rest In Peace. L.A.

It is the will of God and Nature that these mortal bodies be laid aside, when the soul is to enter into real life; 'tis rather an embrio state, a preparation for living; a man is not completely born until he be dead: Why then should we grieve that a new child is born among the immortals? ~Benjamin Franklin, 22 February 1756



Aunt said...

Well said Niecy, well said...

AuthorGuru Novellette said...

From our hearts, with love.

Nikki Winter said...

(sigh) I wish it wasn't true. I really do.

Wanda said...

Beautifully said Drea. May she rest in peace.

Naomi Jones said...

She'll be in our prayers tonight.