Sunday, March 13, 2011


HEY Y'ALL! Its Sunday and I (Drea) have had a helluva week! AND THIS SPRING FORWARD ISH IS KILLING ME. I WANT MY HOUR BACK!

First I had a bit of a disagreement with someone of no consequence. I am proud of myself for not being mean when I could have been. The whole thing coulda been taken to a whole new level. One that folks who know me personally expect me to go to. I have a tendency to break people down to their base/core with no remorse. I have no tolerance for put upon airs. I tend to go playground on people(and everyone knows those lil ankle biting rug rats are the most honest and cruelest beasts ever created). BUT I DIDN'T! I didn't go there, though I wanted to. And I will probably never do that again. IT HURT to hold it in. You know you really just should be able to let out an "oh yeah, f*ck you and ya issues" when you need to.

Which is why I was sick this week.(If you ask my doctor, I had an allergic reaction to the combination of antibiotics and allergy meds I was prescribed)
Me, I think A) doctors are tryna kill me, B) I caused the horrific natural disaster in Japan by going against my nature.

Speaking of Japan. Everyone Take a moment to send some good positive thoughts, energy and prayers that way. I've heard so much negative mouthing this week! Screw that, those people need us. If you haven't' done so, donate a lil sumpin sumpin, even if its just the amount of a pack of smokes or an extra venti caramel macchiato with Irish cream! And while you're at it, see if you can't find a way to still donate to our brothers and sisters in Haiti and New Orleans and The Mid-West! We tend to forget about those tragedies that have gone before, but I promise you, we all know someone who was affected. Either directly or indirectly. Reach out as if you are looking at yourself. You'd want someone to reach out for you.

ALSO, PETA...STOP REACHING OUT TO ME! I WILL HAVE ANOTHER BBQ IN YOUR NAME IF YOU DON'T STOP. AND I WILL BUY A VICK JERSEY TO WEAR TO IT! I am an animal lover, my pets are in my will and on my life insurance policy(what, we ain't got kids yet! *shrugs*). But my first concern is the value of a human life!

I got more pictures of my little love PJ. HE IS GROWING TOO FAST! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN! LOL. Y'all, he is so adorable and all boy. Hates bath time and likes to sleep!

I also got a new JOB! *yeah I know, now I have 12 lmao!*
Your looking at the new Office Director for a kick butt company that I can not disclose*yet*!
*I can however say that I am getting a new custom set of handcuffs*

So the question now is what to do soothe myself into a relaxed state of "oh yeah, this is the life"
Read a couple of things of course. I don't know about y'all but I am just in a mixed mood. So I am gonna go for a grab bag of stories. CHECK THE PHOTOS ABOVE. EACH ONE LINKS TO A BLURB BY LINK! YOU KNOW ITS GOOD IF I AM READING IT!

This is going to be a spectacular week. If you haven't signed up to catch the discussions over at the yahoo spot , you should definitely check it out.

Tomorrow is Sex Talk Monday with the ONE THE ONLY , THE QUEEN FREAK , LAURA GUEVARA! We've already covered toys and showers! You don't want to miss what's next!

I'm off to eat something severely southern (grits with a hint of sugar some fat back bacon and some biscuits! GRIN!)


Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC said...

I totally want something southern. Why can't my grandmama come back to life and rock out Sunday brunch like she used to.

Julia said...

Wow, Drea, you have a lot on your mind this early on a Sunday morning! I'm feeling you on the give me my hour back! That breakfast does sound good, grits sans the sugar though!

Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

I am so damn proud of you. Drea in 2011 is so much more phenomenal than Drea 2007. Big ups to you. Much love to you, Riley.

PS. You're still, hands down one of the best story tellers around.

Dréa riley said...

Wow! HI Y'all! you guys got up early!*GRIN*
MMP GIRL, I am missing my grams and those artery cloggin' meals something fierce!
JULIA MY HEART, I am so lost as to what time it really is! Every clock in this house is diff. AND I can't do grits with sugar. thats like tea witho ut sweat to me(aka not happening)
BTP! you guys are the best big sisters a chica could want! I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH!

Camille Anthony said...

Must be something about clocks and Sunday mornings... I posted a blog over on the badazz site before reading this one! Great minds and stuff...

Good start of the week to ya. Hope it stays good. And congrats on the new job. I want the old one working at Disneyland! LOL


Janet Eckford said...

Damn Drea, you are the busiest bee I know. Makes me feel like I need to step up my game inorder to play with you;)