Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This morning at 7:35 am my best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. JD as his parents will call him, is the first child of two only children. He will be loved to freaking death. I however as auntie du jour will love him to life. As my hubs and I do not yet have children, much to the displeasure of the new parents(my bestie wants to be a mother AND and auntie) and our own families, the hubs and I are free to spend our time and our dough on the first PeeWee Jr or PJ as I like to call him.

Unlike other friends, we still haven't bought our first baby gift. LOL we can't decide on a gift to give. What do you give this small bundle of joy and perfection. The world is already at his feet. The sun, moon and stars all shine just for him.

I say we give him lots and lots of monogrammed UT(University of Texas) gear. My hubs being the loan man out of the four of us says we should at least get him one Red Raider gift. He even tried to play the emotions of myself and my bestie on our actual first loves WTAMU (we don't say much about the maroon in our blood, but we both know what it means to stand in the band and hold up a brown and white box of cereal and chant COCO COCO PUFFS).

My mom reminded me that technically I am already an aunt. Being reunited with my biological father also brought me two new brothers, a sister and two nephews. I am now officially one of five children, more if you count step brothers and sisters. I don't discount or discredit them. I love them too.

But I love PJ in a way that I think is super special. His mother and I have a history that you just couldn't dream up in your wildest fantasies. Not family by blood, but by love and choice.

As I've awaited this day I often dreamed of the old movie MAIME. The title character is forced to raise her nephew after his father passes and to say the least the adventures where beyond anything a boy could have ever imagined. Though different people had come and gone in her life the love she felt for him was unique and special and grand and pure. I've kinda imagined myself spiriting PJ away on a great summer adventures ( I am sure with our history his mother will insist it is only a quick drive to the ice cream shop or toy store) where I can regale him with stories of his mother and the great things we did, the trouble we did(n't) get into and the fun we had.

I imagine holding him in my lap as I awaite the bundle of joy that will soon be mine(God willing) and having him recite said stories to his new cousin. I can see him furiously pounding out a melody on the xylophone or belting out a song that moves him as he drives his new power wheels through my rose garden.

I can see my sister, my friend, and our third amiga (my cousin Tawania) and I sitting in the stands cheering madly and threatening death to any of the other pee wee league players that get near our star as he wobbles down the field in pads and a helmet that are more comedic than anything else.

I can see us watching as the husbands (CWB and Jay) attempt to teach them the finer aspects of martial arts and stealth ninja tactics. Hand to hand combat and hunting skills. I can feel myself cringe at the number of broken windows, vases and God forbid, bones.

and in the back ground I hear a strange sound track of Lennon, Rascal Flats, Bare Naked Ladies and AC DC Songs, narrating the way.

And In my life, I've loved them all.

(watch this space, you may see "my little love" here soon)


Dréa riley said...

I just couldn't help but comment on my own blog. SIGH. ISN'T he the freaking cutest darn thing. Look. At. Him. BOW TO THE GREATNESS THAT IS PJ! ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha

Wanda said...

He is the cutest darn thing. I know I've said this before Drea, but your words are always so beautiful and thought out.

Serenity King said...

Congrats, Auntie!

Beautiful blog. My sister had a baby today as well and her B-day is tomorrow.

Big hugs to you!

Aunt said...

He is a darling...
Love him dearly and treasure him always
Aunt Toni

nevealane said...

Congrats to the new Auntie...