Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So another great person that i follow had this article up...

and Two things struck me...one is that this missing child is still not getting attention she deserves in order to be found and brought home.

And b) I am in the media... granted on a small scale... so i should not be counted as one of the millions of black people on fb/twitter/myspace /blogger/ online radio...who has access to spread the word but isn't...

Y'all know i am flighty i can jump from one idea to another and back in a split second, but the chord is struck that while i am jumping...you guys are reading/listening. SO I have a chance to expose you to more than just me being "me-ish"

I am calling on y'all to do so now.... BE THE MEDIA! If you're reading this you've been exposed... SPREAD IT AROUND...BRING HER HOME!!!!!!!!!

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