Monday, February 7, 2011


And we shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to.

ok so yeah i may or may not have been watching aliyah and jet li just now, but suffice it to say that I just remembered that Laura and I have our very own blog that has been SORELY UNATTENDED.

2010 did a number on us as people and as authors. So many changes happened. The loss of loved ones, promotions, de-motions, scaling back, then branching out.

This is the life of a small Indy writer. But its the life of everyone. LIFE happens. Some days the muse is rampant. Most days she/he/it takes a bake seat while we search for reading glasses to go over bills or leases or recipes or book orders.

That's not to say we haven't been productive, just not as productive as we'd like to have been with the writing.

Excuses? Yup got a bag full of them. Not going to trot them all out. Not going to apologize, either. Well, we might a little bit, but mostly just to ourselves. Why ourselves? Well mostly, because we have you guys; Some of the most amazing fans ever, in our corner supporting us. You've told us over and over to take our time and do our thing. You've been here every time we've accomplished something new, needed prayer and positive energy, or forgotten ourselves.

So we are apologizing to ourselves for not allowing ourselves to step back and enjoy that as much as we should have. For not realizing what blessings we had in YOU. For pressuring ourselves to the point that we literally stiffled the love and joy right out of something that was fun and exciting. For not getting those extra pedicures and drinking a few more mojitos. For saving the good bath salts and skipping that extra chocolate covered stawberry. We're sorry for not being good to us, but we're over that phase. 2011 is about Drea and Laura and Laura and Drea. About Laura. About Drea.
2011 is and fresh and exciting.

And thank you guys again for sticking by us. We have no clue what 2011 is going to bring. We can't promise stories will come any faster than they did last year. We can't promise that stories will come at all. Lots of really strong authors threw in the towel in 2010 for a number of reasons.

Laura and I know that we both love writing and telling stories, but we also know that sometimes we have to step back from that. Away from the world that is "Indy Press" and do some living.

Laura has turned into a stalker! Could be that super svelte body she is building in the gym, but honey child is on the road like no other. Concerts and tours and trips and cruises. OH and did i tell you that she LOVES the hell is that I've been denied my right as a native born Texan to participate in something i love doing, grew up doing (shooting) by the big sisters and aunts but Laura gets to take it up as a new hobby. WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE LEARN ITS THE CUTE SHORT ONES THAT ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS!!!

As for me, well, Y'all know life is always an adventure!

There's the baking (seldom a day goes by that I am not covered in flour). Oh and the hunting and fishing. The dancing. The Grill, The family concession wagon. Oh and the "logistics meetings" Starting a new work out routine this month too. been out with a hip issue( from the logistics meetings I'm sure). Electronics issues and WTH is up with darn wild animals phenomena around my neighborhood.

So yeah that its in a nut shell. We can't promise anything other than, "we'll keep you updated".

We hope you guys stick around, there is bound to be some adventure coming your way soon.


Misselle38 said...

Time flys by very quickly but you are right you do have to stop and find time for yourself. Everyday it will be something but always take time for you. You both grace us with such stories, one can close their eyes and ride along with you for the next great adventure. I as a great fan am always anticipating you next books.

T said...

Well don't stay gone so long any more, missed y'all.
Don't know what to say about our Laura stalking and desiring a firearm, lol! Guess I betta make sure bail money is at the ready.
Sorry to hear about your "Logistics" induced hip injury. Do I need to have a talk with Nephew?
Looking forward to new reads from you two!
Here's to a better 2011 for all of you!!!

Dréa riley said...

Thanks Ladies.. Misselle you are truely a super fan and we hope we have stuff for you soonest...Auntie T...LOL i don't know what to say about laura with a gun either. really considering its laura it might be best if i just shut up about it...she is so volatile for such a lil thing.
As for your nephew...he got the stank eye this morning..guess i am gonna have to be extra sweet to him this weekend. we are going bed shopping next month i think. I need to win the lotto adn get one of those tempurpedic sleep number job thangs...sigh...LOVE YALL SO MUCH

Laura said...

thank you misselle!!! I am trying to get to writing...I have a lot to write but just dont seem to have the time. And damn you drea its not stalking, its called supporting your future husbands career!!! I mean thats what a good lil wife does :-D
As for the gun, I dont know why you all are all scared. I mean sheesh whats the worse the could happen? Ok dont answer that!
And LMAO at the logistics part!!!!!!