Thursday, June 26, 2008


what is Drea LIKES you might ask. Well, think Oprah's favorite things, except i am broke so you don't get anything free besides you know my opinion and maybe a link.
I thought maybe i'd reveiew movies or books but you all should know by now that i watch movies in fast forward and i speedread. so my reviewing is like "words words words...i liked this bit and then there was a hot chase/hot sex/hotness/ words words words...." so umm i will leave that to the other divas of the mfp. Me, i will just tell you what i like and dis like...
so here is the very first install ment of Drea LIKES.

Drea LIKES :

new pringles baked wheat stix. They are a crispy cracker snack that come in a ten pack box. The match stick like treats come artificially flavored with no trans fats and less that 100 calories a pack...HONEY BUTTER is my fave... there is also vanilla, pizza and cruchy wheat....I plan on incorporating them in to classic desserts like a bowl of homemade ice cream or on a in a smoothie... the ideas are limitless.check em out.

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