Sunday, April 26, 2009


First all good moringing all, its been a wonderful weekend for Drea! Sunday is dawing to be a really peaceful and reflective day for me...I wanted to post this on all the boards that I generally post broad messages too. I feel that I have made some very close friends and you guys have been on a very unique journey with me. I hope you will continue and I hope that some of you will be willing to really help me with some of the next stages of my journey. (Hopefully I will explain myself more clearly lol)

So as most of you know I have spoken recently about moments of self-realization and soul searching. The whole what is my purpose kind of thing. And some thoughts have been floating through my mind for the last several months...year really; Thoughts along the lines of you know "What are you really contributing to the world? What can you do to be pro active? How can you have a bigger and more positive social prescence in the world. How can you make a difference."
I've come up with several answers for myself and rarely have I ever inacted even one motion. Periodically I bake for a local homeless shelter but thats sporadic. I bump my gums with people on line all the time. But nothing I really felt was pushing me into that life changing moment; the moment where i could say "wow i make a difference." I still feel i haven't reached or even scratched my potential.

Anyway I posted earlier a link to a youtube video, where a very lovely Lady (DIVA) was really reading the riot act, She wanted to make sure she addressed and issue with her LBGT and Black community and at first the words tickled the shit of me, so I posted it. But when I stopped and listened to what was honestly being said I was standing with my fist in the air (3am on the phone with Becca both of us just playing it over and over again). I reposted it again with a message asking everyone to view it. ( I hope you all did) I really felt what she was saying. So I looked for other videos by her and was moved by the video she just did friday. I am going to touch on it briefly and give you all the link here ( Basicly after she posted her Sermon she had a movement within her, she didn't disclose the whole thing but i bet we see a more serious and charitable, socially aware educational page from her. I subscribed because I am entrigued. BUT any she linked to some really good videos, people who vlog with very strong messages. I hope you guys take a moment to see some of them. I am going to post a couple that really struck me here.

But now I say all that to say this. For a long time Jayha and I have talked about how we as a group often do what we know other groups have/will not. We do it all, we talk about it all. From LBGT rights to republicans vrs dems to sports to womens rights and sex positions. Some times when the subject is foreign or uncomfortable there is noticably less conversation. ie the politics debates between Randall and Shara. I think that we should have more of those kind of conversations. If your like me you know jack shyt about politics, you may have a point of view, but you aren't like a polysci mgr either. I learn from those discussions. We all should learn.

I think as a group of very socially aware and strong women/men we should be doing more of that.
I am hoping to start slowly integrating some more talks on things of that nature. If not on the joint pages (depends on the actual owners and participation) but for sure on mine and laura's page and blog.
I'd like by then end of this year for us as a group to find a way together to be more vocal, more inspiring to other people...maybe doing an online campaign to mentor people. We have a great charitable outlet in adopting the library where Mrs Scales works, but can we maybe do more. I am asking you guys to hit me up and give me some Ideas.
You know maybe we can do a Posse bake sale to benifit a food bank or a clothes drive where we pick a homeless or women's shelter that we can help.

Also I am going to make a few quick revalations about Drea and I will accept some ribbing but I want you guys for the most part to take me seriously. I am going to start with the big one, because I think its important for some people(lurkers) to maybe understand. And for some newbies too. You guys sometimes see the more serious side of me but most of you know me as the happy go lucky, new puppy( hi von hi ro lmao). A lot of people tend to think something is just wrong and i am on the edge of the roof top when I am more serious (good looking out von LMAO).

I am very opinionated. Sometimes to the point that I may come off as uneducated and Immature. If at any point in time I voice my opinion and it bothers you or insults you, I encourage you to email me and let me know. Know that I am not being intentionally ugly. If I was/am I will usually say so before I go off on what ever tangent and my spelling, grammar and syntax will be a whole heck of a lot better than normal. I give advice and opinions and I take advice and opinions. If i don't have something to say on a topic I will pretty much keep my mouth shut.

I am not a raging Homophobic (sounds a lot like Clinton saying he wasn't with Monica, I know) at least not in the traditional kill 'em all and flush the toilet since that lines most prejudice. I have a strong since of sexual awarness and I tend to voice my prefrences openly and loudly. I don't happen to like most women periode. Its just me...women and most of you can testify to this, have some of the most dramatic relationships on earth with themselves and with each other. We are very complicated creatures. There are many reasons for those complications; history, religion, working like dogs, you name it. Until I began socializing on these groups I can honestly say that I didn't socialize with women in general. So yeah I am growing, but back to the not drink hater aid: (and this is specifically for a lurker) my prefrences seem outrageous and bigger than life because, as the clown of the group I have shared the experience that I've had with needing to exert my prefrences. Some of them in really dramatic "you ain't going to believe this" type fashions. I also don't like swinging, yankies, cold tea thats not sweet, croc shoes, gold and platinum in peoples mouths, spiders, cooked spinach, spinach dip, shady people, child molesters, rapists, pokemon, anal sex, popcorn with out butter, plan tap water and licorice.
Basicly I am like every other person you will ever meet. I can just be over the top at times. I respect people and their difference and even though I may privately freak out or do the cartoon eyes or call my sisters and go "why do they need to tell me about it" I am not knocking/downing anyone and thier choices. DO YOU and Drea will do Drea and we'll probably get on like a house on fire. I will never speak of any one derogatorily and if I do, lord call me on it, pull me a side and say "hey, watch out sistah" I may get my ass on my shoulder, I am human, I know I have in the past and trust me I am working on it.

I am not going to revisit the spiritual thing cuz I am not trying to beat a dead horse unless you know I can procure some hair enhancements (shut up peta i don't like you neither).

NOW all that being said here are some links to the other vlogs I hope you guys take some time to listen to some of them and hear what other folks are doing/hearing/ thinking about the world around us. (man speak on it) (so true) ahhh yes i love this one hard i am telling you!!!!!! the absolute BIDNESS YOU HEAR ME THE TRUTH OMG words)

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