Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back in your arms

As a member of the elite United States Marines Special Forces team Force Recon, James Burckhardt puts his life on the line every time he goes out on a mission to serve his country. Their assignments are dangerous yet critical, but James, along with his Force Recon team lived for them all.
Until he met Carolina.
Carolina de Anda thought she could handle being a military man’s girlfriend; but when James goes off on a mission and she doesn’t hear from him since, Carolina decides enough is enough. Her sister and friends want her to forget he ever existed, yet Carolina knows that’s impossible, especially when James shows up on her doorstep after a year of nothing with more physical and mental scars than he’d had when he’d left.
After a harrowing mission where he was betrayed and taken captive by the Russian mob he’d been sent to infiltrate, James knows he has to wage an even fiercer fight to return to Carolina’s good graces. But when the mob follows James home, it will take him, Carolina, her sister, his best friend, and his team to hold them off. Will James be able to defeat his international foes? Will Carolina surrender to the passion between her and James that cannot be denied?


James remained calm, suppressing his anger. He couldn’t believe she thought she could end their relationship. Anger. Resentment. Those were the reasons why she was talking nonsense.

He could understand and deal with that, but he needed her honesty too. Moving away from the sink, he approached her.

“James you know I’m right. We can’t continue like this—hey, what are you doing?”

He cleared the remaining things away before turning back to her. Pulling out the chair, he sat down and brought her in front of him.

“James, what the hell are you doing?!” she asked again.

“You said last night was closure. Well, I don’t think I have completely found my closure yet.” He could see from her expression that she still didn’t understand he wasn’t going anywhere. Ever.

“That’s too damn bad because I’m done!” Again, she futilely tried to push him away. Bringing her head down, he took her lips in a soft kiss that was completely contrary to how volatile he felt inside.

Taking her lips between his teeth, he tugged until he had her undivided attention. She quit struggling against him, her hands resting on his shoulders. When she opened up to him, he took absolute control of her mouth. His tongue swept in, laying claim to her. She whimpered against him, making him feel invincible, but that wasn’t true. He needed to keep her safe. He needed to keep her by his side.

“Tell me to leave. If you really mean it, tell me now.” He didn’t wait for a response, but instead captured her mouth in another numbing kiss. Drawing back, he waited for her to open her eyes. “Say the words, Carolina, and I will be gone.”

“Damn it, stop kissing me and I will! That’s not fair!” she shouted as she pounded her fists against his bare chest.

“You’re still not telling me to leave,” he goaded.

“Go to hell!” She tried to free herself but, he held on.

“I probably will, but I’m not going yet. If you want me out of your life, say the words, Carolina. If you don’t, then I’m going to fuck you on this table.” Her pupils dilated; her breathing hitched; her chest heaved. “After we’re done, we’re going to have another shower and then pack. You’re going to be staying at my house since it’s more secure than your apartment. So, decide now. Either tell me to leave or let me fuck you. It’s your choice.”

That was laughable. She didn’t have one.

“What do you mean ‘pack’? I’m not going anywhere! The only one leaving is you!” She’d finally given up on fighting him, no doubt realizing she wasn’t going to win a battle of strength with him.

“Don’t dance around the question, Carolina, or is your silence all the answer I need? If that’s so, then we’re done talking.”

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