Sunday, October 25, 2009


yes they've done it again.
Laura Guevara and Shara Azod have hit us up with yet another set of steamy tales!

Sweet Submission is available now at
LuLu!!!!!! DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY!!!! or you'll be sorry.
The Dibsing has already begun.

Leita Mallory likes her new job as a mail carrier in the small town of Hartford, TX. Her coworkers are helpful and her route was not that bad. Or so she thought until the day she delivered a package to one Brian Garrett. After working a long night shift, Brian Garrett was ready to kill whoever was ringing his doorbell so early in the morning. Instead he found a very beautiful, very pissed off woman on his doorstep.
Marina Castillo knew nothing about the games adults like to play in the big city. She had no idea what really went on in places like that, nor was she aware she had caught the eye of the club’s owner, Deacon. Deacon was a man of strong appetites. Marina’s sweet innocence screamed that she wasn’t prepared of all the dirty little things he’d like to do to her. He had stayed away, knowing she would probably run screaming if she knew what he wanted from her. But the threat of losing her forever forced his hand. He had to make her his or watch her walk out of his life forever.

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