Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tastey Tuesday by Alcira

So this is the Tuesday after V-Day...., are we in sore bliss, or maybe sour grapes blues, or maybe, just maybe happy to be alive to live the dream and fight the fight?! I am feeling prolific and Von offered up a site with free reads....,
If I smoked I would be in the right after calm of it all.
So keeping that in mind..., Calm that is..., lets's think and look to the sun.... and consider a recipe, but I need a little more...,
This might work for some or and for others....,
Nothing like a group to continue the bliss....
I have to ask.... What exactly is this recipe for?
It's working out to be a recipe for a Mind-fk...., and I think I am gonna go with that. LOL We all need to take time for a cerebral caress. When your head is right everything else gets right. Happy Tuesday.

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