Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The First Hump-Day Groove Move by Nee Baby

Doggiestyle is already awesome on its own, but when you add the sneak and roll... well let's just say be prepared for an extra surge of happy.

So here's how you do it... while your guy is working it from behind, lean on one arm, reach behind and roll his boys in a circular motion. It depends on your man for the amount of pressure you should use.

What do you ladies think?

Please make sure to tell us how it goes when you use this and all other positions we will be suggesting on Humpday!!

Here's a little yummy late night snack of the non food variety... enjoy!!

Rebecca :)

1 comment:

Drea and Laura said...

as soon as i try it well i may not let you know but ummm yeah ima try it
lmao how bout your laura?