Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursdays R 4 Relaxing by Thumper

soooooooooooooo ok i don't have a person lined up to do this on the regular so i will be filling in for a while.
so one of my favorite things is a bubble bath.
And its not just the bath but the ritual of the bath. a bubble bath for me could be an day long event.
so here's how i spend my bath day.
In the morning before i wake up and i spend time cleaning my bathroom, and then i go to the dollar stores or walmart and i look for a unique scent...something that makes me feel yummy when i smell it ...something that makes me fill be smart ladies don't mix lots of scents thats a head ache waititng to happen...but find one that you like...sometimes i buy self flowers and cheesecake even a new book and candles....i love candles
so i have lots of plan tea lights and sport drink caps(hey frugal chic, sports drink lids like gatorade and power ade make perfect tiny candle holders) i have several fluffly towels that i use on bath day...we can't afford all great towels so we have a few and i get those down aned the fluffy yummy robe that i love on bath day... now depends on the mood ...minerals or bubbles, remember don't mix you wont get any bubles if you put minerals and salts in with a bubble mix...also call me freaky but i must shower before soaking....soaking is about relaxing not getting shower first...shave uses a face scrub and a body scrub...then i get out and rinse my tub... while my bath is now running i take time to condition my hair..oil my skin and even apply a face mask..i lite my candles and get my book....once the bath is suffiently bubbly i drop my rob and in i go(he cwb even got me a water proof toy that i sometimes use((hey don't act like you don't know)) anyway i generally stay in the tub soaking, reading or napping until when ever i am wrinkled or the water is cold or i drop my book in or nearly drown...which ever...i ususally stay in the tub as the water drains..then i run a leisurely shower to to remove the face mask and rinse my hair and remove the lingering bubbles
i spend a long time lotioning and detangling my hair then i normally slip in to comfy lounging clothes and curl up with my favorite hot tea(don't kill me jayha its still 50w) and a book...
so here is and extra treat at the end of this long post
home made body scrub
you need
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup honey
juice of one lemon
1 1/2 cup olive oil (the more space your scrubing the more oil you need)
1/2 tea spoon vanilla extract
mix all the above in small plastic bowl until kinda creamy
never use salt as it will dry the skin

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