Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whats New

well Drea Likes isn't dead but its on hiatus so what new way to spice things up have we found

first thank you rebecca for joing our little bubble
who know i'd like seeing a group of chicks together but y'all this is hot ha ha
second guess what in our efforts to spice up the board we've got three new weekly articles coming for you
FOOD cuz you know i love food
and the posse loves food so umm yeah on tuesdays our very own alleycat aka alcira boxill will be giving us a new treat...either a reciepe or maybe a website to find something new and yummy

wednesday is for what else i mean what could you do with hump day...becca becca aka nee baby will bring us a position to discuss...or try or try then discuss

and a yet un-named person will bring us chi and harmony on thursdays....i mean after good food and great sex you need to relax before you tear into the weekend.....

so ladies and jents welcome to Dare Diva's Delights where SASSY DIVA's ROAM (ps remember those kick phrases you might be seeing them soon)