Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HUMP~DAY by Rebecca

Hi Everybody and welcome to another HUMPDAY!!
Today I was thinking that everyone is so busy around this time. Most are doing extra hours at work, dealing with more traffic, and trying to figure out how to balance everything. You need something that allows you and your mate to be together in a relaxing way that's still romantic and sexy. It doesn't always have to be a 'so the book says my legs have to be where' situation. Therefore my friends I give to you the SPOON as told by men'

How to: The classic Sunday morning sex position, the spoon is highly romantic and allows for a slow, luxurious ride in which you're both likely to last a long time. Enter the spoon while you're both on one side, facing in the same direction. Have her draw her knees up slightly, then tuck up behind her pelvis so you can enter from behind.

Switch it up: By adjusting the lean of your bodies, you'll vary the angle of entry and your latitude to thrust.
Hope you enjoy!
Rebecca :)

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