Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tastey Tuesday by Alcira

I was asked to dish up Triflin' Tastey Tuesday....
After an insightful discussion on the board late Sunday night & a Man-Day that pushed up my eyebrows.
Triflin' Tastey Tuesday seems appropriate... LOL
Rules: Follow the instructions on the "BOX"!
Fact: We can do great things from boxed ingredients..., not be on schedule and still do it right!!
Go to the nearest
, and get yourself a big can of , then slide down the aisle to pick up the rest of your specialty meat.
Day dreaming...., lets continue... (Hey, a chica can have a moment) ANYHOO...,
We can't skimp....., we need
, and some green beans, cooked however you want!!!!
Don't forget cake.
Yeah..., I said it.
OK, OK,... how about
, +
YES, (pour 1 packet into cake batter - it adds moisture)....,
Top it off with a favorite..........., CORI'S TANG-TASTIC ICED TEA

Bet you can't guess what's in IT?
Don't fall over just add 1 scoop, TRULY it is the BOMB DIGGITY!!!
This is Roland...., he is here cause he is triflin' and he eats all scraps.
Have a Happy....

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