Monday, December 1, 2008

Man-Day by Stephie

Hello Peeps!

Well this is a new week and the first stretch of the holidays have

come and gone. Now a new set is to follow. I hope that all had a joyful and safe Thanksgiving and a delightful weekend.

A group of friends and I were speaking over the weekend and
we were talking about a couple that one of us knows and the subject of a schedule came up. Now I am not talking about a schedule for going to work, or a schedule to take the kids to school or even a schedule or the next girls are guys night out but a schedule.... wait for it...wait... wait. "A SCHEDULE TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU PARTNER". Yes, you read it right, a schedule.

Now the question of the day is:
Would you mandate a schedule for you and your spouse to come together in an intimate way such as this?

Another question would you schedule for the following to love on you?

My answer: Hell schedule would be needed he could get all the loving that he could possibly ever need or want at anytime. Shonuff.

Here fellows...

Enjoy the rest of the week be safe, blessed and prosperous.



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