Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spiritual Sunday: Inferiority Complex by Brandi

Spirit led me to post this article here today. Hope it helps whoever
needs it!


Inferiority is a sense of feeling unsure or uncertain about oneself.
It's constantly comparing yourself to others, and feeling that you
fall short or just aren't good enough. This feeling can overwhelm us
at times, and send us into a reactionary space, making us defensive
about our choices and our experiences.
Inferiority is the root to many issues in our lives. Many of us are
defeated by our feelings of inferiority and inadequacy without even
realizing that we are suffering from it.
Webster's dictionary defines an inferiority complex as a persistent
sense of inadequacy; a tendency for self diminishment, sometimes
resulting in a sense of aggression or overcompensation; a person lower
in rank and establishment than another person.

Signs you may be suffering from inferiority:
- Do you grudgingly admit your shortcomings, while enthusiastically
pointing out the shortcomings of others?

- Do you bully people or talk about others with disdain?

- Do you feel attacked when someone disagrees with you?

- Do you feel belittled when you receive correction or confrontation?

- Do you blame others for your problems?

- Do you derive your worth and value from your performance or appearance?

- Are you touchy, fragile, easily hurt, whether you show it or not?

- Are you critical or defensive?

- Do you feel as if you have to talk about yourself to get others to
like you?

- Do you have a superior attitude?

- Do you try to impress people?

Being in an inferior thought process is a self governed prison; it's
the ball and chain you drag behind you wherever you go. Feelings of
inferiority are fear-based emotions; when we come from a place of
fear, we cannot achieve greatness or success, for all the foundations
we lay down for our lives are shaky and unstable.

In working to overcome inferiority, we must remember that Spirit did
not make us from fear. Our souls, which are the true essence of our
being, are made from power, from love, from forgiveness, from
confidence; we are made from the light of the Sun and Universal Love.
Nature is completely confident that plants will grow, that the world
will evolve; and we are made from Nature, it is our minds and our
bodies, so that same sense of assurance is instilled in us. It is
truly not in our nature to be fearful of who we are and what we can
accomplish; that fear is something we learn, something we are taught,
that for many of us becomes a habit we do no even realize we are
acting upon.

We compare ourselves to others' achievements, to the success of our
family and friends. We fantasize about how easy it must have been for
them, and whine, "Why not me? When do I get mine? Why is he/she so
special?" In reality, we have no idea what that person had to go
through for their achievements, and we are making ourselves miserable
with unfounded feelings of injustice. The truth is, when you compare
yourself to others, you are completely negating everything Spirit had
to do to get you where you are. You are belittling the struggles you
survived, the people who blessed you, the good works you achieved, and
the love and happiness you've experienced that made you who you are.

Take into consideration how much of the path of our lives is a mystery
to us. You go through your experiences for a reason, and there is a
purpose to every lesson you learn. If you are preoccupied with someone
else's portion of life, with someone else's lesson, you miss your own.
Remember that life is a work in progress, and you have not come to
completion yet. You have no idea what life has in store for you, or
what wonderful things you are being prepared for! Enjoy and be
satisfied with your own path, instead of coveting everyone else's.

To transform inferiority, you must renew your thought process in
reference to yourself and the world around you. One way is to start
looking at yourself through the eyes of Spirit, through the eyes of
the Light. Spirit is already convinced you are worth it, does not
find you lacking in any way, and is certain that you have undeniable
gifts to offer the world. Through Spirit, we are perfect, and more
than we need to be in order to succeed. When you open to the Higher
, you align with Spirit – meaning that your energy and the love of
the Universe is constantly moving, constantly growing, and constantly
changing your life and the energy around you, every minute of everyday.

Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to validate ourselves by
ourselves. We are so busy `looking out for Number One' we overlook
the way we can help others. The quickest way to move out of
inferiority is to become aware of the skills and abilities you can
present to others. Ask yourself, "What do I have to offer?" Not only
does this question force us to see our worthiness, it helps us realize
the power we have to bless those around us.

Building our self image and esteem does not commence with
selfishness, it begins with gratitude for our own paths, and the love
we share with the world.

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