Thursday, November 6, 2008

MY STORY IN HISTORY by THE LISA - Gifted To Us by Nicole M

November 4, 2008
Will forever be remembered as an important date,
One lid was removed from racism’s jar once screwed tight,
As destiny gripped and covered Obama as heavens shadows sparkled in delight, I could sense a change was about to come,
Even as the bitterness still spewed from the mouths of some,
I danced to a rhythm flowing and echoing between my ears,
“A change gone come”,
As I imagined the angels dancing, sounding and ringing the alarm, I felt in my spirit that a change would indeed take place,
Behind the eyes of injustice and across hatreds face,
From the ropes that once swung freely and openly in the air,
To new hopes with dreams of inspiration now popping up everywhere, From the shadows of my people once cast hanging from a tree,
To the endless possibilities of shared justice and equality,
There has to be a party going on all across the land,
And, yes, Heaven has got the news and has even extended its hand,
For all the people that were once mistreated and often beat,
I raise my hands in their honor and claim victory over their defeat,
And as for MY families injustices that were once silenced by slave’s chains,
I now acknowledge appreciation to life yet, remembering all the carcasses that remain,
The struggle will be hard, and the work has just begun,
The journey will be uphill as we prepare for the run,
So many things have happened with very little to compare,
As the self inflicted wounds of America start to heal and repair,
Nothing can be done to change the past, no, not one single thing,
But today I awoke with a new found eagerness to finally hear the liberty bell ring,
My hat goes off to the youth of this country, as they allowed their voice to be heard,
They cast their votes with determination speaking clearly through Ebonics slurred,
My Farther and his friends once marched along a Memphis street,
As America looked on, they carefully walked peacefully over stepping history’s violent beat,
They had a fearless attitude combined with a prayerful outlook,
Dedicated to the fact that one by one pages needed to rewritten with our stories placed firmly in history’s book,
Dressed with determination and a sign that read “I am a Man”,
Each step taken was leading to the promise of Gods’ ultimate plan,
So for my Farther, and his Farther, and the list goes on and on,
Recognition extended via America’s White House invitation stamped and approved in the fact that on this land

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