Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Call For Prayer by Sassy, Sinful, SexyDréa Riley

So first thing this morning before going off to work, I logged on to check on my online fam and was greated with what, negative comments about obama.
I want to say this to all who did not support Obama. (Sucks in my breath and puts my hands behind my back) Do not be angry and hateful that your candidate did not win. (Though any emotion you feel is yours to feel...,) but do not despair, You should endeaver just as his backers have, just as he has, to bring our country into GREATNESS, whatever your reasons for fearing his leadership. Think of the fear and despair millions of people have lived historicaly for hundreds of years. Racism asside, what of equality in the work place between men and women, what of lack of healthcare across all lines, what of religous persicution, that brought the first settlers across the ocean to a world unknown? What besides fear have we have lived in? I'll tell you what, HOPE that a better day could come! You Can not live your life bitter and in fear (you can if you want to) and then expect the world or economy to get better. Expect racism to fade away, expect health care to suddenly appear. You must be proactive, despite who the president is or is not. You may have to flip a burger or two at mcdonald's, but let me tell you about burger pays the bills a little a time. Some times we as people have to stop and realize that none of us is simply intitled to anything on this earth. (Heaven and the here after is another thing all together). So for those of you whom spouted your faith as a bases in voting....take a min and spend it with your deity, Be it GOD, of ALLAH or BUDDAH or Aphrodite...pray with and open and light heart for the blessings that will bring us in to a new and better age. Pray for understanding and patients and civility. And remember that you had friends before you knew what side the voted on. And with grace and understanding you may still have those friends and family. Please do not become bitter and disgruntled.

I love you all As I loved you before

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