Thursday, November 20, 2008


So wow I bet you guys thought I had gotten mosey..., Well I did, but I've been drawn out...
Our Miss Thumper is so busy with her new job (whooo hoooo gooo Thumper go Thumper go Thumper) That she is going to be missing a few Thursdays. So HBR is going to be co-hosted by our other lovely mods until then...., Sundays, will be Allmine's days, but she is in deep undercover for a minute, with Wicked Women of Color..., we have a great idea for Sunday's, that we hope to unveil soon.
IT will envolve a bit of interaction and we hope you all like both days...we really want to entertain you all and give you food for thought on each day.

Having said that I was hard pressed to come up with something for this Thursday...
The weather is cold and windy here, I am sure laura thinks I've tricked her into moving to some weird twilight zone version of hell and I a feeling sorta hard pressed for it to snow soon so she will be so lost in that miracle that she isn't mad about the cold (she is southern to the bone you know we don't do cold well anyway, and especially those of us who are beach born southeners)

Anyway, so today is sorta of a walk around the house going ok george what next kinda day.
I had to go to my office for a minute and I heard this song on the radio and I can't get away from it...
It spoke to me something feirce, made me miss my grams and remember some fun stuff...
so I guess it fits with HBR..., because if you don't have time to remember those you've forgotten you problem aren't having time for your self

Don't get all stank face at work like I did in the car

Oh and P.S.
Since Thumper wants us to work out more..., you can work out at work and home even in the cold....,
a few ideas
Lift gallons of water (even your sports bottles) do reps on each side
LUNGES...hey we all want to do the toni walk so you gotta firm up that rump you can do those at home or at work at your desk..., find a quite place and try it
you can also practice the coochielaties at work when no one knows..., the same therory is used by highschool athletes...., the coaches have them clinch and release their abdominal muscles throughout their classes during the day to help them build up a strong center or core.
Dancers also do this exersice and call it isolations...., they concetrate on flexing on muscle in the body for several reps..., then in dance moves you see that great fluidity as the do things like make their arms look like waves (Phillipe Cheebe) or roll their hips (Shakira)..., the key is being able to ISOLATE one set of muscles holding them still as the rest of the body moves...or moving them as the rest of the body stays motionless...
The most common form of this is when guys flex their pecs..., (women can do this too as i am learning..., apparently {according to my uncles} I used to do this when I was really little (4 or 5), I'd see them doing it and do it back) now it's not so obvious that I am doing it but according to the lady who fit me for my new bra it's a good thing that I can, because it keeps that muscle firm longer...which means I wont have to worry about my nipples hitting my toes for a long while and thats good for EVERYBODY

Sassy, Sinful, SexyDréa Riley

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