Monday, November 10, 2008

Man-Day by Stephie

Hello My Peeps!

I am back I know it has been awhile since I made an appearance but a sistah been working and has been tired when she gets home so please forgive me. You know it's hard out here when you been sitting on your beehive for almost a year in front of the PC and not pushing yourself to do physical exercise. I have lost some inches though. I am so proud of myself but I know I have to keep at it and not get so complacent and lazy again. Just letting my body heal and then I am going to try and walk daily. OK enough about me I know what you ladies are waiting for that fine male specimen that I suppose to have up every Man-Day to get your juices flowing

OK, OK without further a due here goes.

I so hope you ladies enjoy the pictures. I enjoyed very much picking them out. Until next time have a wonderful, safe, and fun Man-Day.


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