Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HUMP~DAY By Rebecca

Hi Everyone!!

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I wanted to find you guys something really spectacular in celebration of the holiday. When I saw this position, I knew it was the one. I mean the name alone gets it extra points! So in whatever stage of Thanksgiving preparedness you are in, I say take a break, and learn the steps to this ELECTRIC SLIDE!!

You lie down on the bed or floor on your stomach, with your legs straight and slightly apart. Your guy sits right behind your buns with his legs in front of him and his hands on either side of his body for support. He leans back at a 45-degree angle to your body so he can join his genitals with yours. As he rocks forward and back, bring your legs together for a tight fit. Rest on your elbows with your arms in front of you for leverage.
If your guy likes taking charge in bed, this position will let him be your passion pilot. He can glide back and forth as fast or sensually slow as he desires down the runway of your thighs. And since you're restricted from thrusting and grinding, you get to relax and completely relinquish control — allowing you to concentrate entirely on your pleasure. Plus, you get to enjoy the überhot element of surprise since you can't see which naughty nooky move he's planning to do next.
To add some extra sparks to this already electric pose, arch your back as much as possible. The change in position will cause your vaginal muscles to tighten, driving him wild!
Rebecca :)

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