Thursday, October 23, 2008

HUMP~DAY --- Hmmmmmmmm....

Hi Everyone,

I know usually there is wonderful information about a sexual position for HUMP~DAY; however, this week I wanted to do things a little differently.
HUMP~DAY is also about exploring and sharing sexual thoughts and experiences as well.

So I would like to know what was one of your most SENSUOUS experiences.

I'll start things off...

While at university, I was going out with this guy at the time who had gotten on my bad side. We had broken up, but where in several classess together. We started talking again as friends, and I agreed to come over to study ONLY (yeah right huh! lol!). Anyhoo, I was tired from having been up studying the previous night. He suggested we take a nap, and then start studying again. I agreed and we lay down on his bed. I was on one edge and he on the other. We set the alarm, and fell asleep. The alarm went off, and we pretty much opened our eyes at the same time. He hit the alarm to cut it off, and by then I noticed even though we still weren't touching, we were much closer to each other than when we first fell off to sleep. We looked at each other for what seemed like minutes. I went to roll over so I could get up but he stopped me. I opened my mouth to say something silly I'm sure to break the mood, but he stopped me. He put his finger to my mouth, and just kept staring at me. His hand slowly smoothed my cheek, and brushed my face. It felt as if he wanted to know how each one of my features felt like. His hand moved lower to flow down my neck and over my shoulder. He ran it down my arm and slowly moved it back and forth. He whispered "you have the softest skin. I miss just touching your arm to feel your skin." He then went on to smooth his hand over the dip of my waist and over my hip to my leg and back up. He said to me that he didn't want to have sex, but could he just hold and touch me. I just nodded my head up and down, not daring to say anything to break our little world he'd created for us. He gathered me close to his body, and just held me really tight. He moved his hands slowly to feel me. No clothes were ever taken off, he didn't even try to touch my sex. He just continued to hold me close and run his hands along my body. It was like he was a sculptor who wanted to know every dip, curve, roll, and point that made me so he could make sure his rendition of me came out just right. I eventually begin to touch him as well. I learned his body, and it was wonderful! We fell asleep again holding each other. When we woke up, we talked and, of course, got back together. Although, we eventually broke up again, I will never forget how he made me feel that day.

So that's my story... what's yours?

Rebecca :)

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