Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HUMP~DAY.....AWWWW By Rebecca


Only two days away from Halloween, so I thought I would write about something scary... new relationships!! I know... I know... deep breaths. LOL!! It's just that so many of my friends are starting new relationships right now. Just last night, one of my friends admitted to how strong her feelings were for her new guy very unconsciously, and truth be told it surprised, and freaked, us both.

So we're sitting at work, and I'm teasing her about her new guy. I was like he has you walking around with this smile on your face. I teased her that if she was a cartoon rainbows, unicorns, and little bluebirds twittering, covered in pixie dust, would be dancing around her head. She just giggled and grinned even harder, and was like yeah... that's true. What's so surprising is my friend isn't the giggle and grin type. She's usually more the guy in the relationship than the actual guy she's is seeing at the time. When I jokingly called her on it she tried to go into this speech about we are just friends right now and yes I like him a lot and we have such a good time together but we aren't putting labels on anything, I don't want a boyfriend right now although I don't want to see anyone but him, and yeah I don't have to see him everyday but I miss when I don't because it just seems like we are getting so close and he just completes me- my mouth drops and her my drops. She said OMG... OMG did I just say that!! DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT?!! My mouth is still open at this point so all I could do is nod my head. This was a total whoa moment! She was like what am I going to do?!! I don't want to fall in love right now? Why is this happening? I laughed for a minute or so, then was like you dork you can't stop love from finding you no matter what. If it's meant for you to have those feelings for someone,no matter how scary for you it is, it just going to be- whether you want them to or not!

So my friends, I ask you... What moment made you realize you were in LOVE, or even just had stronger feelings than you wanted to admit for someone in a relationship? Where you as freaked out about it as my friend?

Until next HUMPDAY...

Rebecca :)

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