Friday, October 3, 2008

Miss Lisa's Celeb News & Stories That Make You Ask DA HELL?

Well folks its frday again and heres the shit thats going on.As yall know congress passed the "bailout" bill. I get a bail out shit? can someone please please please explainto me in laymen terms what the hell does that mean to ME. I thoughtwe was all taught as kids you dont get reawrded for bad behavior.Looks like some missed that memo. 850 BILLION dollars. Shit give me850 billion and I can hook up the economy.Fuck Posse we need to start a bank using Mr. Me's as fronts let itfail then get bailed out. Then again knowing us and out Mr. Me's ourbank would be the one making money and staying out of trouble.Now on to the debate. I swear if I heard "engery state"or "mavericks" one more time sweet jesus. I'll post the youtube linkfor the full debate and yall can catch some of the highlights. have to admit whoever dressed her got it right last night. I reallyliked the look.For out sports fans. Can someone please please please land hands onthe cubs. feel so bad for them lawd.Last but not least.;_ylt=Aq2x_UFokLi22BdlafNaHoKs0NUEDo you think hes gonna be guilty???? Lawd he really needs to go AWAY.Well thats all from Ms. Lisa's News desk.

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