Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miss Lisa's Weekly Celeb & Da Hell News

Well folks another week has come. Goodness the mess that has happenand the good stuff. Lets get to it.
Well the market is not holding study. Folks still dumping stocks.
I have said before I'm not the smartest person in the group but i'm pretty much sure we are already in a recession. Yet we still have folks saying "on the brink", "almost there". Nahhhh boo, we there. I know y'all heard of this.
Heffa sit down, somewhere we saw your outfits from back in the day. You needed that 150,000$. Shit I ain't mad at you, give me $150,000 makeover and I'll run for V.P. too. Now on to Madonna...
Lawd child, You should have his ass sing a pre nup. Also you have lost your mind. If Guy is a great dad doing what he needs to do why offer him money so you can keep him from them. Bitch please.
Now on to the dumb stuff...
All I can say is Negro please.
How the hell??? That's all I wanna know. That and this child clearly needs jesus and a hug.
Well folks that's all the news. Oh a side note. Both job interviews went great. We have a pre appoval letter for a house. Life is turning around.

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