Friday, October 3, 2008

Spiritual by Drea

SO i couldn't think of anything...
I mean I've tried to relax and put myself on a plane that would you know lead to a higher level of thinking.
so i am sitting on the sofa with the boys, (cwb and dee ohh gee) and they want to wrestle....
csi miami is on and i am catching up on the mail from the boards.
And Am still looking around for that higher plane, and it struck me
that some times its not the plain you aspire to , but the plane your own.
Kat williams has this joke about when your kids are little all you want them to do is talk...but then when they talk all you want them to do is stfu.
so i am sitting here and it struck me...i am on a higher plane
i mean not so long ago there wasn't hardly a day that i was at home with my husband..
More often than not we'd go months of only seeing each other when we were trading off the vehicle. a total of maybe 25-20 mins a day.
There were times when we couldn't sleep in the same bed because we were used to sleeping alone.
Times when there was no sound in our house unless the phone rang....there were times that i hadn't spoken in so long that m y voice would crack....there was no one home with me to speak to
So as i sit her frustrated, wanting just a little bit of silence, i realize that it wasn't so long ago that i was aching for the sound of his voice.
so my higher plane today is appreciating the noise and the rukus
The feeling of being croweded off the sofa by two over active males...
Its amazing what you can see when you look
Sassy, Sinful, Sexy Dréa Riley

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